5 common mistakes to avoid when negotiating for a salary

Helpful tips to help easen the salary negotiation process.

It is part of the process, hence the need to get it right the first-time round and here are some helpful tips to help easen the process.

1.Not negotiating at all

Which can make sense as they may not want to seem like they are being greedy or miss out on a chance to get a job.

If you know you are worth more than what they are offering then do not feel shy to ask for a little more. The only person that will regret it in the end will be you.

2.Not asking for a final offer in writing

Always ask for your signed contract if one is not provided to you. Verbal agreements can go left really quick and you don’t want to be left hanging when things don’t turn out well.

3.Negotiating every aspect of the salary offer

Another mistake that some people tend to make when negotiating salary is negotiating every single aspect of the offer. From the salary offer itself to the benefits. Even though you do not get the amount you wanted as your salary, the benefits could compensate for that.

4.High expectations

It is okay to have expectations when it comes to the salary offers but do not be fixated on just that one amount – you may end up being disappointed or miss a great chance.

Always make your expectations realistic to avoid disappointment.

Try have a range for your salary expectations so that your employer can negotiate within it.

5.Negotiating in terms of your needs as opposed to your worth

Source: Monster and Elcrema


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