6 ways to save money eating out

As much as we love it and want to keep eating out, the truth is if you have a habit of eating out, it would definitely have a way of eating deep into your personal finance.

It is not bad to want to give yourself a nice treat once in a while, but never make it a habit.

If you fall into the category of people who love eating out, you can save money while eating out and it won't have so much adverse effect on your personal finance.

Here are 6 ways you can save money while eating out at fancy restaurants.

1. Dine with friends and split the bills

When you feel like eating out, it is best advised you don't eat out alone. You don't have to put all the burden of paying the bill all on you, share it amongst friends.

Call a friend or two and you split the bills. The more friends you go with, the cheaper it becomes when it is time to pay the bills. It is also a lot of fun when you dine with friends.

2. Opt for a buffet service

A lot of restaurants and hotels offer buffet services at night because restaurants can't keep meals of previous day till the next.

So instead of disposing of it, they simply have an open house of buffet, which is way cheaper than the regular menu. So gladly grab and jump on restaurants buffet services.

3. Ask for discounts

Look out for restaurants slashed price and discounts on menus before going into a restaurant.

If you don't find any discounts, when you enter into a restaurant and the waiter approaches, ask if they give discounts on some meals or packages. It is not a crime to ask for discounts on food.

4. Buy in large portions

Whenever you go out to eat with friends, make sure you buy in large portions instead of single portions.

It might look cheap buying in single portion but it is not. Buy in large portions and you guys share the portion. It saves more to buy large.

5. Stick to water only

When you eat out, make sure you stay away from alcohol. Drink only water. Alcoholic beverages are three or four times more expensive than water in fancy restaurants.

So just make do with water and if you want to take something alcoholic to wash down your meal when you are out of the restaurant, you can stop by at a mall to get affordable alcoholic beverages.

6. Take home leftovers

I know you won't want your money to go down the drain just like that.

When you are tired of eating and you still have a lot on your plate, instead of getting greedy and gobbling up everything on the plate, ask for a pack to take home the leftovers.

So you have something to eat for the next day.


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