Probox operators protests as Matatu Owners welcomes move to ban probox vehicles operating as PSV.

Following the directive of Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinet ordering police to impound Probox vehicles, operating as a PSV's, Probox operators have come out to protest the move.


Following the directive of Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinet ordering police to impound any Probox vehicle, carrying passengers and operating as a public transport vehicle (PSV) without a license  be immediately impounded. Probox operators have not taken it lightly and have come out to protest the move.

Probox operators in Trans Nzoia County have today come out to protest Boinet’s directive, claiming the move will severely affect their live hood since they depend on the cars to pay up their debts and loans from bank, a news report on Citizen stated.

While attending the Matatu owner’s association (MOA) third national alliance council (NDC) meeting and expo) held at KICC, Boinett yesterday reiterated an earlier ban by National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to ban Probox from operating as a PSV.

“If you want to do a taxi business then take a license we do not want individuals endangering others by converting their vehicles that are unsuitable for PSV use into PSV vehicles, it is as simple as that” the police inspector said.

Matatu Owners welcomed the news hoping this time it will be effected.

According to their chairman, Simon Kimutai Probox vehicles have been operating illegally and eating off their profits.

"we have been competing against an entity that is supposed to non existent because it is illegal"  Kimutai  said

So far it is not known how effective the ban will be, since matatu owners have previously stated that Probox cars which operates as PSV’s are owned by police officers.

Probox at the height of its short fame earned the nicknamed ‘Shrink Hummer’ due to its similarity to the American Machine Hummer H3, should Boinet directive be effected Probox may just be ‘shrunk’ out of business.


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