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5 toxic people to avoid in the workplace if you want to succeed

We all know those people that are bad for us.

Some may subconsciously know that they are toxic while others intentionally relish in other people’s misfortunes.

Here are 5 toxic people to avoid in the workplace if you want to succeed.



Gossipers are a dangerous breed of people in the office. You may be having a laugh with them about the politics of your office one day and the next day they laugh with another colleague about how childish you are for what you said about the office. Gossipers only cause unnecessary trouble for you.

As juicy as the office gossip may be, you may want to keep off as there are so many other things to focus on.

2.The one that is always complaining

They complain about every single thing all the time. Not a day goes by without them whining about the tasks they are given or being at work in general. Whiners are not only annoying but could also influence their perception of the workplace on you. Keep a safe distance from such people.


3.The people that never miss a chance to let you know that you answer to them

Every employee knows who they answer to and who their bosses are but there are those people that go out of their way to make sure they give a constant reminder of their status in the workplace.

They may not directly say “I am the boss” but it might come out in their actions. The best thing to do with such people is accord them the respect as your supervisor or boss but train yourself to ignore they’re overbearing personality. Keep it professional.


Not everyone in the workplace is your enemy but that doesn’t necessarily make them your friend either. Pretenders in the work setting are not uncommon. They will pretend to be your friend and confidant in the office but when sh*t hits the fan, you can bet they won’t hesitate to throw you under the bus.


Be careful who you choose to share your secrets with in the office.

5.The entitled colleagues

These are the ones that were there before you and will make sure that you know that.

While it is important to respect each other in the workplace these people feel entitled to it even when they don’t accord you the same ever.

All in all, your main focus of being at work is to work and do it to the best of your abilities; making friends while at it is definitely an added plus.


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