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5 funniest ways husbands get their wives to break silent treatment

When bae gives you the silent treatment, there are creative ways to get them talking again.

5 funniest ways husbands gets their wives to break silent treatment

When scouring the interwebs, we found some of the most hilarious ways husbands have gotten their wives to stop giving them the silent treatment.

Pay attention lads, you may need this when you piss her off next time by buying sukari ya kupima instead of the Kabras she sent you for.

This especially works if your wife is the type to ask for something any time she wants it.


If she’s so mad that she won’t even ask where her World’s Best Boss coffee mug is, just find another way to get her to talk to you.

Use a pair of pliers if you have to.

If she already knows you’re not the best cook, make a show of appearing contrite and attempt to make her her favourite super complex dish and deliberately char it beyond being edible.


Then order in if you have the resources. Or ask her to help you fix it.

Because she is in a hurry, this is almost a guarantee she’ll ask if you’ve seen her shoes or her earrings.

If you follow each other on social media, try to tag her in funny videos or memes that she would definitely appreciate. Don’t flood her timeline though.


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