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9 tips to be the best boyfriend ever

She will never leave you


First, being a great boyfriend won’t just come. You will have to work for it but the best thing is that your girlfriend will really appreciate the effort.

Follow these tips and be the best boyfriend ever such that your girlfriend will want to hold on to you forever:


1. Keep promises

Only make a promise you are very certain you will fulfill. Keeping small promises will earn you trust and respect from your girlfriend.

Telling her you love her is not enough, prove it with actions. Get her gifts, take her out, help her with the house chores once in a while and be there for her always.

3. Make time for your relationship


No matter how tight your schedule is, always try to make time for her. Women love it when you go an extra mile to make time for them.

4. Support her ambitions

If she is working towards something, give her moral, financial and even emotional support until she gets there. Show her that you want her to be successful and push her harder anytime she seems to be slacking.

5. Show her off

Feels really good when someone shows you off proudly. Your girlfriend will definitely love it when you introduce her to your close friends and tell them how much she means to you.


6. Be romantic

Don’t just be a boring boyfriend. Be creative and think of other ways to show love to your girlfriend. Make her dinner, throw her a surprise birthday party and travel the world with her.

7. Take care of yourself

No woman wants a man who neglects himself in terms of hygiene. Work on your hair, outfits and ensure you always look good when you are with her. If you neglect yourself, she won’t even care about showing you off to her friends lest she is embarrassed.


8. Don’t cheat on her

This is no brainer but just in case you forget, we are reminding you that you should never ever cheat on your girlfriend.

9. Up your game

It’s not all about sex but that’s not to say that it’s not important. Maintain personal hygiene and ensure that you make her happy in bed.


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