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7 annoying types of relatives we all have

What kind of relative are you?

It’s usually an exciting moment to catch up with cousins, laugh all night long and feast like you had all been fasting for the whole year.

But then, not everyone in the family is fun hanging out with. We just have to cope with some of our relatives not because we like them but because we cannot change the fact that we are family.

Below are types of annoying relatives we can all relate to:


1. The parasite

When you meet for the annual family meeting, there are a lot of tasks that are usually divided amongst everyone. But we all have this one relative who will always give excuses to avoid cooking or doing the dishes. They always have a headache or looking after the baby.

2. Mr./ Mrs. Right

Nobody can convince this kind of relative that they are wrong. Even if they said that you should add tea leaves to porridge, they expect it to be done else chaos erupts. The most annoying thing about these relatives is that they have the most unreasonable ideas.

3. Instructor


This person never works – theirs is to give orders and instructions. They go around ordering everyone to work fast and tasting the food to judge if you are doing it as per the instructions.

4. Know it all

We all have that one relative who cannot let anyone talk. They dominate all conversations and are conversant with every topic ranging from international politics, currency exchange and the latest music. If there is a debate, they will defend their point to the end even when it does not make sense.

5. The annoying kid

The kid may be your little cousin, nephew or niece. These kids have no manners and can say anything to you. They are so annoying such that you wish you could be given a chance to instill discipline to them for a second. In most cases, if you try to discipline them, they run at a lightning speed to report you to their parents.


6. Boring story teller

This is usually an older relative with the worst story telling skills but still insists on doing it. They repeat the same story over and over and still expect you to get entertained. Sadly, they never seem to detect how bored their audience is.

7. The nosy aunt

This is probably the most annoying one. She always seems interested with everyone’s personal affairs. She wants to know when you are getting married, how much you are earning and whether you have been sleeping hungry because you have lost weight.


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