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10 tests women put him through to see if he’s husband material

How do you know if he'll be a good husband?

Women devise tests (sometimes unwittingly) to see if this man they plan to have children with and spend the rest of their foreseeable lives with is good enough.

Here are some tests women put men through to see if they meet the good husband bench mark.

The other woman test


Nobody likes to be cheated on. Physically, emotionally, even the undefinable kind of cheating.

Some women will get their sister or closest friend to pose as an agent of provocation and attempt to seduce the man. If he responds, that’s a mark against him. Other women don’t trust other people to do this job for them. They’ll create fake social media accounts and reach out to the unsuspecting fellow and test him.

The “how well do you know me” test

Often women find themselves unable to understand why their boyfriends bought them dark chocolate when it’s known fact that they like regular or milk chocolate. When dating, this seems forgivable but after marriage, the man must know you.

Women will make their husbands-to-be engage in a test where they can gauge how well they are understood.


The crisis test

When in an emergency, women will call their fiancés to see how he will respond. When nothing has happened, they ask with deceptive casualness if their boyfriends would be ok with being the emergency contact. If the answer isn’t an immediate and resounding yes, they’ve probably failed that test.

The family test

When introducing their partners to their parents, women will watch the reactions with hawk eye precision. From how respectful he is to the father, how helpful he is to the mum and how patient he is with the little sister.


The protection test

In some instances women will intentionally provoke a fight on a night out to see how protective the spouse is.

The dates test

Men are sometimes forced to recall the date they met, the date they became a couple, the date they became engaged, the date they broke up the first time, the date they got together for good, the date they got engaged, her birthday. Or at least show that they care about these days.

The “whose side are you on” test


Some women will be intentionally combative with their partner’s friends so as to see how diplomatic he is. Or if he will pick your side no matter what,

The “how much do you love me” test

They come in form of questions following various movies, books or morning television show discussions. The partner will be asked to prove how much he loves her based on a scenario.

“Would you leave your job for me?”

“Would you come after me if I left?”


The change test

Various bad habits that require dropping before a life together may be maintained, sometimes unintentionally. Contrary to popular belief, it takes a lot more time and effort than ten days to drop a habit. The significant other will be put in situations to see whether he will partake or if he will have enough discipline to forego the guilty pleasure.

The lie detector test

When she knows he did something, she still asks him to see whether he will lie.


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