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Basic rules of s3xting you need to know

Don't forget to crop out your face and tattoos

However, there are basic things everyone who loves sexting needs to know. There are so many creeps out there especially if you’re dealing with a guy you just met on Tinder or something and barely know anything about him, the last thing you want is to have your vagina screenshot being shared and made fun of on Facebook and WhatsApp groups. So, yeah, I’m, gonna save you the trouble and give you some rules to live by when sexting.

1. Make sure you absolutely trust the person.


If you have to sext with someone you barely know, I suggest you keep your details as anonymous as possible. Don’t reveal your real name, place of work or school, etc.

2. In the sexting games, choose words over pics.

I mean, receiving a dick pic is nice and all if your life depended on it lol but it’s actually better to use words as sometimes, imagining that visual form of the chat can be oh so sultry.

3. And speaking of dick pics,

No one wants photos of genitals they never requested for. Seriously, do not send unsolicited nudes unless someone has requested for them. Use that confidence to do something much more important.


4. And if you’re gonna send pics,

Say to reciprocate, always crop your face out and any tattoos you may have. If shit hits the fan and your photos are shared without your consent, without a face and tattoos, it will not be easy to identity whom the photos belong to.

5. Which leads me to my next point,

Never share private photos of someone not even with your best friend. Seriously, someone trusted you with them, the least you could do is have some courtesy.


6. Use code words.

You could also take advantage of the many emojis out there. Instead of an explicit sentence that someone can only read with one eye closed, take advantage of a sexy gif, meme or even emoji instead, and code words that only you two know the meaning.

7. Avoid screenshotting and saving any conversations and photos.

Always delete the sexts immediately and have it as golden rule that your sext partner is doing the same too.

8. Don’t feel pressured to send anything you do not feel like.


Some guys can be pretty pushy when it comes to sexting and may keep pressuring you for photos, If you do not want to sext or send anything, do not. You’re not obligated to. You can simply let the person know that you aren’t interested and when you are, you will let him know.


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