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If you're single, here are 4 things you should never do on Val's Day

When everyone around you is showing love to their favourite person on Val's Day it's easy to feel a bit left out if you're flying solo.

Don't do this on Val's day

But hey, being single on Valentine's Day isn't a crime, nor is it a reason to do something you might regret later.

Before you decide to pull a stunt to fill the void, let's talk about four big no-nos to avoid on this day of love.

Don't buy yourself a "surprise" present

Let's be real for a moment. Buying yourself a gift and pretending it's from a secret admirer? It's like laughing at your own joke—only you're not fooling anyone.


While self-love is important, and treating yourself is encouraged, doing so under the guise of creating an impression that you're not single misses the mark.

Instead, buy yourself something because you deserve it, not to craft a narrative for others.

Hating on happy couples

It's tempting to scroll through Instagram and roll your eyes at every couple's post, or worse, leave a snarky comment.

But no matter the case, don’t go on social media and leave unpleasant comments under posts where the couples seem to happy.


If you have nothing nice to say just don’t comment. Avoid comments like “It’ll end in tears” or ‘ Your partner looks familiar’ it's probably best to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Stay away from social media

Social media on Valentine's Day is a minefield of romantic gestures and declarations of love.

If it all gets too much, there's no shame in logging out. Take a break, watch a movie, read a book, or hang out with other single friends.

Remember, it's just one day out of 365, and it will pass just like any other. Your peace of mind is more important than keeping up with everyone else's highlight reel.


Don’t call your ex

Lastly, no matter how tempting it might be to rekindle an old flame or seek comfort in familiar territory, resist the urge to call your ex.

Valentine's Day can exaggerate feelings of loneliness, but reopening closed chapters is rarely the answer. Instead, focus on loving yourself and look forward to the opportunities tomorrow might bring.

Being single on Valentine's Day isn't a verdict of loneliness; it's an opportunity to celebrate love in its many forms, starting with self-love.

Here's to a day of self-care and self-love, and remembering that the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself. Cheers to that!


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