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Gachuri exits Citizen TV, Karen Nyamu-Samidoh union & more stories on #PulseUhondoMtaani

#PulseUhondoMtaani - Nasra Yusuff raises over Sh600K to feed hunger striken families in North Eastern

Francis Gachuri, Nasra Yusuff, Eric Omondi and Alby Mohammed

The week has seen a great shift in the media space with journalists shifting camps to other media houses and others taking up space in government entities.

Renowned Citizen journalist Francis Gachuri is moving to the Ministry of Interior to head the communication department.

Besides the media news, here are other top entertainment stories that made the news this week:


Francis Gachuri will leave Royal Media Service to take up a job as the Head of Communications at the Ministry of Interior and National Administration.

According to reliable sources at the media house and the ministry, Gachuri will be responsible for creating, delivering, and evaluating communication activities that promote trust within the Ministry of Interior and National Administration.

He will manage all internal and external communications channels, ensuring that information flows efficiently between the ministry and the public.

Gachuri is expected to begin his work in the coming week, according to reliable sources.


The journalist will take up the position formerly held by Nixon Nganga who moved to the State Department of Citizen Services.

During his emotional farewell speech, Gachuri reflected on his 17-year journey at Royal Media Services, thanking his colleagues, bosses, and viewers for their support.

When I joined Royal Media Services 5,661 days ago, I was a young man, who did not even have a family. While here, I got married and had children, the eldest is now in high school. So, all my major milestones happened while I was here. What more could I say?” he recalled.

Gachuri gave a special shoutout to his colleagues Linus Kaikai, Yvonne, and Jamila Mohamed.


Radio Maisha presenters Emmanuel Mwashumbe, Billy Miya, and Mbaruk Mwalimu have announced their departures from the station.

Mwashumbe, who hosts the morning show alongside Shuga Boy, made his last remarks to his colleagues during a farewell party at the Standard Group offices.

In a video shared by the station on its social media pages, Mwashumbe bid his colleagues goodbye with his signature statement, “No chicken, no fly, hawezi fly maanake asha die. Signing off is your captain Mwashumbe,” Mwashumbe said.

Mwashumbe started his radio career at state broadcaster KBC before he was poached to join the Standard Media Group-owned station. He hosted the evening show before he was eventually moved to the drive show and later the morning show.


Billy Miya and Mbaruk Mwalimu, on the other hand, will be leaving the drive show, which they have been hosting together.

Miya, in the farewell party, thanked the station for building his career, adding that he was going to meet his colleagues in the industry. “Radio Maisha imenijenga at a personal level. It is going to be bae na najua tutapatana tu hapa,(Radio Maisha has built me at a personal level. It is going to be bae and I know we will just meet here),” Miya noted. Miya noted.

Mbaruk Mwalimu, who has been Miya’s co-host, penned a poem which he recited, thanking the station for how it built him. “Zangu za dhati wandani asante kwa kutujenga,” Mbaruk said in his poem.

Esther Bakhita, a close friend of Karen Nyamu, has shared a photo of herself posing with popular Mugithi singer Samidoh.


The photo, which has since gone viral, shows Esther Bakhita and Samidoh smiling and enjoying each other's company.

"A husband to my sister is a brother to me," Bakhita's caption on the photo read, insinuating that Samidoh is Karen Nyamu's husband.

However, it is still unclear whether Samidoh and Nyamu have made things official, despite the previous rumours that they had planned to marry.

This latest development comes just a few days after Samidoh's wife, Edday, publicly called him out for disrespecting her by flirting with Karen Nyamu at a funeral.


In a social media post, Edday said she was fed up with her husband's infidelity and would not raise her kids in a polygamous family.

Kenyan rapper Major Nameye Khadija 'Mejja' has announced that he is done with his treatment and that he will probably drop hits after undergoing a throat treatment process.

Mejja notified his super fans on his mega comeback through his official Instagram page and the message has probably been received well just from the responses that have appeared in the comment section.


"Back To Basics!!!! NiMewahata Manze TuPaTaNe Marima, I have learned a lot through this process. About patience na pia who your real friends are. Tubaki hivo hivo. Mpaka sahii Uzito Wagenge JAHBLESS.

The 'Usiniharibie Mood' hitmaker further clarified that he will be working under caution as dictated by his doctor.

Mejja recently opened up and said that his throat has been painful since last year but he ignored the problem until he started noting blood stains in his coughs.

TikTok creator Mohammed Alby aka King of Smiles has ceased recording content with strangers, the decision coming after several people sued him for making them smile.


Alby's signature videos involve approaching people on the street with short punchlines that often leave strangers laughing.

The content creator, says he has been sued severally and he has no option but to discontinue the popular format.

"After I post the next few videos I have in my gallery, I will never do a video with any stranger in Kenya. I'm completely done with spreading smiles because at the end of the day what it's gotten me is making me not even want to see another day.

"I've held on for so long. I've shot so many videos in the past months bringing smiles to people yet I'm sinking mentally so badly because I'm getting sued for making someone smile," Alby explained.


The content creator shared a court notice on his Instagram page, perplexed that he is being hounded for making people smile.

Alby claims that what he is going through has affected him mentally since he has worked hard to build his own brand only for other people to drag him down.

Comedian Nasra Yusuff has called out on the North Eastern leaders for failing to help hunger-stricken families despite raising millions recently to build a mall.

Her allegations have come after she managed to raise Sh600K through her various platforms within a week.


"So North Eastern leaders can to Sh50 million plus fundraisers to build a mall but can't do the same to feed their people?

"In less than a week, I have used my platform and I have raised over Sh600K and fed the people," tweeted Nasra.

She then added below the tweet that people should circulate the message until the accused leaders come to the aid of those affected in North Eastern.

Nasra has since recorded a video thanking all Kenyans who came through to support her when she first started the initiative of supporting her community.


"I'm feeling kind of emotional today and have decided to record this video while my emotions are extremely high.

Thank you so much. I'm so grateful that allies to me have come to the plight of my people for them to have water and food through my platform and I don't take it for granted. Thank you everyone for supporting the dream," said an emotional Nasra.

She concluded that there has been a big difference in the facial expressions of the people who received the donations and that she is grateful to everyone who has championed her initiative.

In an interview with Lily Aisha of TukoExtra, Kora shared that he has been writing music, recording for various artists, and running his own production company.


He has written over 20 songs and is working on a project with Cristoff, Collo, and his artist, Pro. The album 'Family Feud Business' is expected to be released soon.

"I have my own production company called Charley Flani and currently, I have an artist called Pro, Kristoff's brother," he said.

Kora explained that he has been slowly getting back into music and wants to do it on his own terms.

"I like music and am back in that place where studio yangu imejaa vitabu. I have written like twenty-something songs," said Kora.


Asked whether he has plans to get back as a solo artist, Kora said it depends on various things, but most importantly, whether it fulfils him.

"I need to get to that place where everything needs to have an answer in my life, Why am i doing it right now? Is it making me happy? Am I forced to do it because one or two people want me to?

"If am coming back to music, then it's slowly the way I want. I don't care how old I am getting or what it is, I'll talk about the things I want to," he continued.

The rapper also spoke about his struggles while a member of The Kansoul. He revealed that he was not being paid for shows and was not being called for shows either.


Eric Omondi has been arrested again barely nine days after he was released on cash bail from the Mililimani Law Courts.

Eric had gone to the City Stadium to donate maize flour to some Nairobi residents who are struggling to afford a meal every day.

A video that has gone viral online showed Eric Omondi with a packet of maize flour while a police officer was holding his hand as they walked away from the City Stadium's gate.

Eric could be seen talking to the officers before passers-by noticed him and the crowd started forming minute by minute.

Most of the people around the scene had their phones out already and they were recording everything that was happening before their eyes.


As the crowd got bigger, Eric tried to resist his arrest but the police overpowered him however much he tried to free himself.

The crowd started to incite Eric not to board the police car as they forced him into the vehicle with his packet of maize flour.

Eric was forced into the car and it sped off as people still tried to film what had just happened.

Prior to his arrest, Eric was asked why he had been arrested and he stated that he was only trying to donate flour but the police arrested him.


Ever since Eric was released on bail for staging protests in front of the parliament buildings, he took to his Instagram account to notify people that he was going to give out free packets of flour at the stadium on March 1, 2023, which is today.

"This Wednesday we will be at City Stadium giving Free Packets of Unga," wrote Eric.

Diamond Platnumz has finally responded to Harmonize with a savage post in regard to who is the king of music in Tanzania.

Harmonize and Diamond have been throwing words at each other ever since they fell out in 2019 and Harmonize founded his own record label Konde Music Worldwide thereafter.


Harmonize has been releasing many hits in a row ever since he quit Wasafi Music label and he has never shied off from hitting back at Diamond in some of his songs.

Diamond took to his Instagram page today to question Harmonize why songs haven't been performing well yet he has been releasing song after song to compete with him.

"Basi mnaolamisha upinzani mngejikazaga hata kidogo kwenye vimauzo vyenu jamani. Asa manyimbo yote mnayatoaga kila kukicha faida yake nini?

"[For those forcing enmity please try to have good marketing strategies. What is the essence of the many songs that you release every day?]," wrote Diamond.


The text was accompanied by a chart that had rankings of Tanzanian artists with the highest number of YouTube views for the month of February 2023.

Diamond had the highest number of views while Harmonize was third on the list. Mboso and Zuchu were also on the list.

Platnumz concluded by sharing a YouTube screenshot of his song 'Zuwena' which has been trending for the past month and he thanked his fans for supporting what he does.


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