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Njugush vs Jua Cali, Caroline Mutoko's farewell & more stories on #PulseUhondoMtaani

If you missed the biggest stories of the week #PulseUhondoMtaani has conveniently compiled all of them for you;

Njugush, Caroline Mutoko, Eve Mungai & Yvonne Khisa

In a recent adventure-filled holiday, actress Jackie Matubia embarked on a journey to South Africa and shared her experiences through her engaging Instagram stories on July 13.

The 'Salem' actor took her followers along for the ride, capturing moments of excitement, emotional reflections, and even some playful banter about her pilot baby daddy.

Posing with the pilots, The 2022 Pulse Influencer Award winner playfully boasted about her pilot baby daddy, Kennedy Njogu. She teased about future flights with her daughter Zari.


Throughout the flight, Matubia experienced a surge of emotions that left a lasting impact. She openly admitted to shedding tears as she landed in Cape Town, describing the trip as deeply personal.

While she did not explicitly reveal the reason behind her emotions, she said that her close friends are aware of the personal significance this trip holds for her.

"This trip is so personal...when I was landing, I cried a good one. My close friends know how personal this trip is. Work hard and live," she wrote.


On Tuesday, Radio Africa Group organized a heartfelt farewell party to honour three esteemed senior staff members who are retiring.

The event was a special occasion to express gratitude for their invaluable contributions to the company.

Among those being celebrated were the Group Marketing Manager Caroline Mutoko, the Program Controller Peter Sinclair and the Group Chief Finance Officer Robert Kibutiri.

Mutoko, who is also an influencer and content creator, shot to fame as the long-time host of popular shows on Radio Africa-owned Kiss FM including the morning show alongside comedian Walter ‘Nyambane’ Mong’are.


She worked for the company for more than 20 years and was part of numerous remarkable projects that saw its success.

Former Standard Media Group TV and Radio presenter Brian Aseli joined rivals Nation Media Group days after the announcement of his exit from the Mombasa Road-based media house.

The former Youth Café presenter will now host the Nation FM morning show alongside Mariam Bishar.


Aseli is replacing David Oyuke who left the station to pursue further education.

Aseli was introduced to the public on the NTV's show 'The Trend' where he expressed his excitement about joining the station.

Comedian and content creator Timothy Kimani aka Njugush responded to remarks by musician Jua Cali who said that the comedian should stick to producing skits instead of doing stand-up comedy.

Speaking moments after returning from his comedy tour in Australia, Njugush said he was grateful for everyone who had supported his comedy special, from the first instalment of ‘Through Thick & Thin (TTNT) 1’.


Responding to Jua Cali’s remarks, Njugush said he was unbothered because art is subjective and everyone is entitled to their own sentiments.

Unajua alisema ni boy wangu, but we have only met once. But it's fine, it is his own sentiment and everyone has their own opinion. His opinion does not prevent me from telling Kenyans to watch TTNT 1 to 4,” Njugush stated.

Njugush also thanked his army of fans that defended him and made Jua Cali apologize for his remarks.

Seeing guys coming out…. I didn’t have to talk. This is the first time I am speaking about the situation. I had been on a flight the whole time. I had a layover and stayed at the business lounge but that’s beside the point.


“The point is that people see what you are doing,” he said, adding that he was grateful for the support of fans and industry players as well.

Arabron Osenya Nyyeneque, renowned for his role as Jack Mwamba in the hit series 'Mother-in-law,' has captivated audiences with his acting prowess and versatility.

However, there is more to this talented actor than meets the eye. From his multicultural background to his successful voice-over career, Osanya's journey in the entertainment industry is as intriguing as his on-screen performances.


His captivating voice has added depth and impact to numerous commercials, plays, and voice-acting projects.

His foray into this realm began in 1997 when he landed his first-ever voice-over commercial with Tusker, a well-known brand. The commercial was specifically created for the Tanzanian market.

Osanya revealed that his vocal talent is in high demand, earning him as much as Sh300,000 for a 30-second commercial.


Kenyan YouTuber Eve Mungai received a heartfelt message from her boyfriend, Director Trevor, appreciating her for the good work she is doing.

Trevor went all out to express his pride in Eve's hard work and dedication, referring to her as his 'Wife' in a public declaration of love.

This is the first time he has referred to Eve as his wife after being in a relationship with her for over five years.

Eve quickly responded to her partner's message, expressing her appreciation. She thanked him for his constant support and love, acknowledging that he is always there for her in everything she does.


"Aaaaw this is so sweet... thank you, babe, for always supporting me in everything I do. I love you," Eve wrote.

The popular comedy group, Tales of Crazy Kennar, is currently facing a wave of uncertainty as its crew members, Yvonne Khisa, Bushra Sakshi and Africas, recently unfollowed the group's leader, Crazy Kennar, on social media.

Amidst the growing uncertainty, Yvonne Khisa decided to speak up and shed some light on the situation.

In an interview with Ankali Ray on July 9, she addressed the rumours surrounding the group's unity.


While she remained hesitant to confirm whether the group is still intact or not, she emphasised that there is no specific reason for their separation, but they have grown up.

Yvonne Khisa hinted at possible personal and professional growth, suggesting that the dynamics within the House of Comedy might have evolved over time.

"Hakuna chanzo... ni kugrow up," she said.

However, she did express that Crazy Kennar's health is in good condition, assuring fans that he is doing well in that aspect.


During a press conference in Uganda on July 13, Diamond Platnumz faced questions from the media regarding his relationship with Spice Diana after his arrival at his upcoming concert.

One journalist expressed concerns that Diamond might have a romantic involvement with Spice Diana during the tour.

In response to these claims, Diamond clarified that his interaction with Spice Diana would be solely focused on collaborating on music and nothing romantic.

He explained that Diana had travelled to Tanzania to collaborate with Zuchu, and during her visit, he had extended his hospitality by hosting her at his house and giving her a tour of his office.


Diamond emphasized that if anything were to happen between them, it would not be his or Diana's fault, but rather an act of God.

"As far as I am concerned we are brother and sister but she is not a bad person to have a kid with because she is cute," Diamond said.

Renowned Kenyan musician Otile Brown shared a deeply personal and tragic experience, as he mourned the loss of his unborn baby.


Just days after announcing the pregnancy on his Instagram page, Otile Brown took to social media once again to reveal the devastating news.

In a series of heartfelt Instagram stories on July 9, the singer expressed his grief and reflected on the profound impact this loss has had on him.

Adding to the tragedy, Otile Brown shared that the mother of his unborn baby placed the blame on him for the loss, citing his announcement on social media as a contributing factor.

He reflected on how the mother of his unborn baby made him believe that the negative energy on social media had contributed to their loss.


The singer revealed that he initially believed her accusations and experienced guilt for sharing the news on a public platform.

Otile Brown admitted to developing a negative view of social media following this heartbreaking experience.

"At first, I hated social media because she hated me and made me believe that it's all the social media bad energy… and I kind of believed it because, for someone who never advertises his life that much on social media, this one time I was excited and randomly decided to post about it while my heart was telling me not to. It had me feeling guilty," he wrote.

Despite not usually sharing much of his personal life on social media, Otile Brown felt excited and compelled to share this joyful news, only to later regret his decision.


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