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#PulseUhondo: Celeb baby loading, Sanaipei Tande speaks of past relationship & mores stories

#Pulse Uhondo Mtaani - Odi wa Murang'a shares 2 steps he has taken to help ex-crew partner to no avail

Sanaipei Tande, Odi wa Murang'a, Ruth Matete and MC Gogo

Sanaipei Tande opens up about toxic relationship with her boyfriend who ended up dumping her. Carol Sonie on the other hand has commented on her baby daddy's hint that the wife could be pregnant.

This and more stories on this week's #PulseUhondoMtaani

Kenyan singer Sanaipei Tande, renowned for her powerful vocals and musical talents has shared a glimpse into her dating life.


Speaking on the Engage platform on Thursday, Sanaipei narrated her experiences with her first two boyfriends during her late teenage years and early twenties.

In her late teens, the ex-Nation FM presenter was on the cusp of stardom, gaining recognition as a member of the girl group 'Sema.'

Their magical performance at the renowned Coke Studio had thrust her into the limelight, making her the talk of the town.

However, Sanaipei admits that she was not fully prepared for the whirlwind of fame that was about to consume her.


She recalls a time when, despite being a rising star, her first boyfriend, who was also in the music industry, decided to end their relationship. His reason? He believed Sanaipei wasn't making the most of her life.

"I was thrown into a world I didn't fully understand, and interestingly, the guy I was dating who was in the music industry dumped me. He said I wasn't doing anything with my life," she reflects.

This sudden breakup left her in a difficult position, with bills to pay and no money to return to school.

In a determined effort to support herself, Sanaipei had to explore various avenues to generate income.

As she moved forward, the challenges of young love continued to test her resilience. At the age of 20, she entered into another relationship, but even this one didn't unfold as she had hoped.


Sanaipei spoke candidly about the emotional turmoil she experienced during this phase of her life.

"I got into a relationship with this guy for the better part of my twenties," she said. "I could share so many incidents that made me feel so useless, so worn out."

The 'Kina' actress shared anecdotes of moments that exposed the fragility of her relationship. For instance, she describes the time when her car broke down, and she found herself pushing it with street kids while her partner fiddled with the gas right in front of a crowd. Such incidents left her feeling unappreciated and powerless.

"There I was pushing a non-starting car with street kids as my dude tried to pump off the gas in full view of the club and revelers and everything.


"I've been abandoned asleep at a dead-end road by said dude after I confronted him after finding him in a situation. But it was my fault, that's why he left me in the car," she said.

Former Boondocks gang member and Gengetone sensation, Odi wa Murang'a, has opened up about his relentless efforts to rescue his former group mate, Edu Maddox, from the clutches of drug addiction.

The Gengetone group Boondocks gang, initially composed of Exray, Odi wa Murang'a, and Edu Maddox, parted ways to pursue solo careers.

While Exray and Odi wa Murang'a have thrived, Maddox's life and music career have taken a troubled turn due to drug-related issues.


In an interview with a local digital media house, Odi wa Murang'a candidly discussed his attempts to extend a helping hand to his former crew member.

He revealed the challenges he faced in trying to rescue Maddox, acknowledging that taking responsibility for Maddox's actions was not solely his duty.

"Ilifika point uyo msee akaingilia drugs sana na si responsibility yangu kutake care of Maddox, pia mimi nina issue zangu," Odi wa Murang'a stated.

Odi wa Murang'a's efforts to steer Maddox back on track began with a year of continuous advice, pleading, and support. Unfortunately, all his attempts appeared to fall on deaf ears.


"Nimetry kuongelesha Maddox for like a whole year, nimehave conversations na yeye, nmemuita kwangu tumekaa na yeye for a whole month but bado," he expressed, highlighting the challenges he encountered in his endeavour.

Despite his month-long stay with Maddox and countless conversations, the battle to rescue his former group mate from drug addiction seemed insurmountable.

Maddox's behaviour was deeply influenced by his struggle with addiction, which ultimately led to the group's dissolution.

Odi wa Murang'a acknowledged the difficulty of moving forward as a group without Madoxx but believed it was the necessary decision under the circumstances.

In a separate interview, Maddox said he was willing to get help and put his life in order again.


In May 2022, Maddox shared insights about the disintegration of the Gengetone group, highlighting how his fellow members gradually began to drift apart, frequently missing recording sessions and pursuing their independent projects.

Ex-lovers comedian Mulamwah and content creator Carol Sonie are back in the spotlight after a hint from the comedian suggested that his best friend Ruth K might be pregnant.

In response, Carol Sonie made a comment that humorously insinuated Mulamwah's impending fatherhood.


On Tuesday, Mulamwah took to Instagram to drop a subtle hint about his bestie, Ruth K, potentially being pregnant.

He mentioned that she has been experiencing morning sickness and playfully asked his fans for their thoughts on the matter.

"Bestie anatapika tapika ma asubui asubui ivi. Shida inaweza kua nini," Mulamwah wrote.

Carol Sonie, who has had her share of publicised" conflicts with Mulamwah, humorously responded to the remarks.


In her comment, she insinuated that Mulamwah might become a father, which playfully references their past disputes concerning whether Keilah is Mulamwah's child.

"Keila is not my kid wamepata mtoto," Carol Sonie wrote.

In a previous interview with Kioko, Carol had mentioned that she did not want to discuss co-parenting issues with Mulamwah, as they had moved on from that phase.

She emphasised that what matters most is the well-being of their daughter, Keilah, and stated that asking the right questions was crucial.

"I feel like the person should be asked the right questions. We all saw that ali deny mtoto wake. It's going to be okay if you ask him the right questions. Like for example is Keilah your kid?" she said.


Franklin Mark Gogo, popularly known as MC Gogo, has become a household name in Kenya's entertainment scene.

The 22-year-old Counselling and Sociology student has captured the hearts of many with his vibrant emceeing work, but his journey to fame has been filled with both highs and lows.

Speaking with Phil Director, Gogo disclosed that his journey into emceeing began in the church when he was about 17 years old. He gradually moved on to emceeing weddings and, eventually, embraced the digital space.


While 2020's lockdown period presented many challenges, it also brought forth opportunities for those who sought them.

For MC Gogo, this period marked a turning point in his career. He started by sharing his work on Facebook, attracting a growing audience. However, it was a video he uploaded on TikTok that truly catapulted him into the limelight.

In this viral video, Gogo introduced his signature witty remarks, and the content struck a chord with viewers. The video garnered over one million views in just 24 hours. Recognising the potential of this platform, he decided to focus on producing content that resonated with his audience.

Despite his rapid rise to fame, MC Gogo's journey hasn't been without hurdles. He recalled a memorable yet challenging experience during a show in Eldoret, where a persistent audience member disrupted his performance by tightly grabbing him.


When her plan failed to materialise after security grabbed her out of the place, she went back and attempted to throw a glass at MC Gogo.

"Eldoret inakuanga na stage fulani hivi juu. Sijui security walilala aje kidogo then a girl akapanda juu. Akapita akanishikilianna nyuma. Nikajaribu kumgeuza I say hi coz unajua ukiwa zone mtu akuje akudistrupt unapoteza flow.

"So security wakakam but akakaza grip. Wakamtoa mkono mmoja but the other one akanishika mkono akatighten grip. Wakamtoa akashuka nikadhani story imesisha. Mi naendelea kupiga show nikaskia tu kitu imeanguka chini! This lady alienda akachukua ile glass ya maji alikuwa anatumia akanitupia. Mpaka nashindwa sasa mimi nimemafanyia nini," he said.


Radio presenter Mike Mondo has found himself at the centre of rumours and speculation regarding his relationship with author and content creator Shiko Nguru.

While Nguru and Mondo have neither confirmed nor denied their relationship, the latter has finally broken silence on the matter and addressed the speculations.

On his X (Twitter) page, Mondo said he was unfazed by all the positive and negative feedback he was getting from many people online.

"At the end of the who is complaining about me and Shiko, endelea..!!! I am quite ok with all the hate/love you send my way.. Usichokikula hakikufunyi unye ama ule," Mondo shared.


Rumours about the duo's romantic involvement began circulating when pictures of Mike Mondo and Shiko Nguru together emerged online.

One particular image depicted Mondo spending quality time with Shiko Nguru's children. The public couldn't help but speculate about the nature of their connection.

Shiko Nguru, a prominent figure in her own right, previously shared a relationship with Twitter influencer Rama Oluoch, better known as Ramzzy.

The couple made a name for themselves as pioneers in Kenya's YouTube community, creating engaging lifestyle content on their channel, The Green Calabash.


Comedian and content creator Tom Daktari, in an interview during the Pulse Influencer Awards, revealed that there is a culprit who has been copyrighting his work.

He stated that the individual responsible is not in Kenya, but they have been diligent in copyrighting his content to the extent of being denied ownership of his own work.

"I think there is someone copyrighting my sounds which is very sad. Sound inakuja, anakuja anacopyright, naambiwa someone ambaye hayuko kwa hii country has copyrighted your sound, you cannot use it," Tom said.

He vowed that he was determined to overcome the culprit and even mentioned resorting to spiritual means if the battle persisted.

He shared these thoughts before chuckling and reminiscing about his high school days when he used a similar threat and it proved effective.


Tom recounted an incident when his phone was stolen while he was in college, prompting him to take action to recover it.

In his pursuit, he made a threat, claiming he would travel to his rural hometown to seek the assistance of magic. However, deep down, he knew he was merely jesting and had no intention of using magic.

As it turned out, Tom never actually went anywhere, but coincidentally, the person he suspected fell ill. This led to warnings circulating that no one should ever steal from Kambas.

In the end, his phone was returned, and he explained that Kambas make such claims to instill fear in others, emphasising that they don't possess the actual ability to perform magic.


Esther Kazungu took to her social media platforms on Monday, October 9, to announce that she would be a mom soon.

Kazungu, renowned for her hilarious takes on politics, governance and advocacy on social justice matters, has been happily married to her husband, James Kibunjah, since September 2021.

In a playful and heartwarming statement, she humorously remarked, "This man cured my periods."

Kazungu also shared a photo of baby clothes alongside an ultrasound scan.


He post was met with an outpouring of congratulations from her followers and fellow content creators, some who couldn't tell whether she was joking.

Kazungu's announcement comes at a time when many influencers and celebrities are using their platforms to share their personal lives with their followers.

From pregnancy announcements to wedding photos, social media has become a space where public figures can connect with their fans on a more personal level.

As Kazungu prepares to welcome her new arrival, her followers are eagerly anticipating updates on her pregnancy journey.


After six years of dating, Kazungu and her hubby, Kibunjah decided to tie the knot in 2021, in a simple but beautiful wedding that was only attended by family and friends.

One of the guests was activist Boniface Mwangi who revealed how much the newly weds spent on their big day.

After six years of dating, Kazungu and her hubby, Kibunjah decided to tie the knot in 2021, in a simple but beautiful wedding that was only attended by family and friends.

One of the guests was activist Boniface Mwangi who revealed how much the newly weds spent on their big day.


Ruth Matete, a renowned gospel singer and preacher, recently shared a heartwarming moment she experienced with her daughter, Taoluwa Apewajoye.

The emotional encounter occurred when Matete showed Taoluwa a portrait of her late father, John Apewajoye, for the first time.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Matete expressed her surprise and deep emotions as her daughter identified her late father in the portrait. Taoluwa's spontaneous recognition left Matete in awe and moved her to tears.

"I’m so shocked! I have never shown her this picture. I have never had a conversation with her about this topic. She saw the picture and said it was her dad. Tears just rolled down my face," Matete shared.


The accompanying video captured Taoluwa's innocent reaction. The little girl looked at the portrait before her, exclaimed dad, and smiled.

This natural and unexpected response deeply touched her mother, as she had never shown her daughter the picture.

In the video, Taoluwa is seen kissing and hugging the portrait, displaying a heartwarming connection with the image of her late father.

Matete contemplated on the significance of this moment and expressed concern about how she would navigate future conversations with her daughter.


She acknowledged the potential challenges of explaining her late husband's absence to Taoluwa, especially as she watches cartoons that depict a typical family with both parents.

"One day, I will tell her about it when she understands it. But now I am worried. She watches cartoons and sees a family as mum, dad, sister, and brother. What if she asks me now where daddy is? Can she understand? What will I tell her?" Matete reflected.

In her post, Matete also took a moment to cherish the memory of her late husband, describing him as hot.


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