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5 great benefits of drinking warm salt water every day

It's good for your overall health


Check out these great benefits of drinking warm salt water:

1. Hydration

All in the effort of drinking enough water, you can end up drinking too much water. Too much water leads to over dilution and also put a strain on the kidneys. Drinking warm salt water however allows the body to absorb the water you drink keeping you hydrated.


2. Enhances digestion

Depending on what you eat, it’s not uncommon to experience indigestion issues. And you might also have heard someone being advised to drink warm salty water when they have stomach problems. This is because salt water begins acting on the digestive enzymes right from the mouth. In the mouth, salt triggers the salivary glands to release amylase which aids in digestion. In the stomach, salt water stimulates hydrochloric acid which helps in further digestion.

3. Good sleep

We already told you the foods you should avoid before bed earlier on. But salt water is not on that list. Salt lowers stress levels thus helping you sleep better. Drinking a glass or two some hours before sleep might therefore send away all the anxieties that keep you awake all night.

4. Detoxification


Salt has natural antibacterial properties. Just like you can use warm salt water to flush out bacteria out of your mouth, same case applies with your digestive system. Drinking warm water everyday will help flush out toxins and bacteria that might have built up in the gut.

5. Flawless skin

Salt is rich in minerals that keep your skin looking fresh and youthful. It has chromium which fights acne and Sulfur which keeps the skin clean.


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