When you’re a girl of sizeable stature, you’re likely to encounter- issues- unique due to the size of your figure. As a big girl myself, there are some which I go through that make me instantly ready to sign up for liposuction. But sometimes being thicc is just a whole lot more fun.

Here are some instances unique to big girls

Jeans never really fit you

There are fewer things more unpleasant that buying a pair of jeans. When you have well-endowed hips you rarely find that pair of jeans that perfectly fits your hips as well as your waist. The waist is always too baggy. And every time you sit you have to constantly pull up your jeans.

Aisles get in your way

Whether it’s boarding a matatu or navigating between church or movie aisles, you always bump into something. Shoulders, knees, heck even heads.

Thunder thighs

When you have legs the size of a small human (like me) you always experience this infuriating friction between your legs. It can get uncomfortable and so you either always have to wear bike shorts or panty hose. Not to mention the erosion your jeans go through.

Belts are the enemy

When you’re a bit more blessed along your torso and you’re wearing something that needs a belt or has an elastic band, it always digs into your flesh. It’s always so annoying to see that red line that forms at the end of the day.

Stripes are the enemy too

They say vertical stripes make you look elongated. On me, I look like a bleached watermelon.

A-line dresses have minds of their own

When you wear an A-line dress (tight at the top, frayed at the bottom), you look like an angel. Unfortunately your backside makes the dress get a mind of its own. The tail will always defy gravity and answer the calls of the winds willy nilly.

You can’t share clothes

You’ll have friends who have a sense of style that can make you soul sisters. But there will always be something that doesn’t fit. The arms will be too big for you. The zipper won’t properly close. A fitting skirt on the soul sister will probably be an overstretched belt for you.


When you’re wide, you attract attention whether you want to or not. Wearing camouflage won’t help. At all.