Having sex before bed could be the cure to your insomnia

Want better sleep at night, have sex before bed.

This is according to Adelaide sleep researcher Dr. Michele Lastella, who discovered that two thirds of people confessed to sleeping better after having sex – but there’s a catch.

They had a good night sleep only after an orgasm was achieved for both parties.

More than 400 people between the ages of 18 and 70 participated in the study and it was discovered that 64 percent of them slept better after having sex with a partner and achieving an orgasm.

Dr. Adelaide conducted the research by encouraging couples to get off their phones and electronic devices seeing that doing so prevents the production of the melatonin which is responsible for relaxation and making someone sleepy.

Instead couples should have sex to help produce melatonin which will help them sleep.

"When you're engaging in sex, you're not thinking about what to do the next day, you're not going through your phones. It distracts you,” he was quoted by the Daily Mail.

Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research also conducted a similar research and came up with similar results.

“Better sleep is the biggest single contributor to living better,” read the research.

Happy smashing.


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