These days, your BSc or HND certificate is no longer enough to get you your dream job. Every graduate that gets the job they really want has more than university or polytechnic degree certificate to back up their CV.

This is why you should consider taking online courses and get their certificates to boost your chances of getting the job you desire. Here are five online courses we advise you apply for.

Google Analytics

Decorate your CV with Google Analytics skills and watch recruiters prioritize you over other candidates. (lionessesofafrica)

This course will help you learn to how to use Google’s measurement tool, known as Google Analytics effectively. If you’re interested in Digital Marketing this is one of the skills you need to have and having a certificate to back up this skill can establish you as an authority in the digital marketing field. 

2. Social Media Marketing

Every business is online and there's a need t have a social media manager for these buisnesses. (Mocha Moguls)

Online certifications in digital and social media marketing tools is something you should also take seriously if you want to be a star among job candidates. Social Media Marketing is an aspect of digital marketing that every organization want to take advantage of to push their businesses to their teeming audience on social media platforms. Every company wants to appeal to their audience online and you having a certification in this field can make you the candidate they’ll like to hire.

3. HTML/Programming

Coding skills sells now and can get you job fast.

Becoming certified in programming will never be a waste of time because website and software engineers are in high demands. This skill lets you build a website or manage existing websites for companies. You can learn this skill and get certified in it through platforms like Lynda and Coursera.