5 qualities LinkedIn believes employers should look for in a job candidate's CV

Employers may not consider you if your CV doesn't have these five qualities. Read on to see the qualities.

Your CV should cover your skills, academic and work history as well as these career-enhancing qualities. (lionessesofafrica)

A lot of job candidates only submit their CVs for applications, they don’t seem to know what exactly the employers want to see in their credentials.

Dear job seekers, let’s get it straight once and for all. A good curriculum vitae isn’t all about your academic and work history. It also goes beyond the many professional certificates you have in your CV. If it doesn’t contain the right and relevant skills applicable to the jobs you're applying for, it’ll most likely end in the bin.

Aside the skills, LinkedIn, the number one social media platform for professional also believes employers should look deeper into candidates CVs and consider those who have certain qualities.

The followings are the qualities the social media platform believes employers should look for in job candidates' credentials.

LinkedIn urges employers to pay attention to how long a candidate has stayed in their roles. A long tenure at a company is a sign of someone who can see things through. This is why hiring managers will always ask questions about why a candidate leaves his/her previous job and how long they stayed in the job.

Is the candidate steadily rising in the ranks, or is there evidence of a career stagnation? LinkedIn believes that understanding how candidates careers have evolved over a period of time will give employers a glimpse into their professional trajectory.

Another qualities that can set you apart from other job candidates according to LinkedIn are curiosity and motivation. This has to do with looking for details that show a candidate’s willingness to take initiative on diverse responsibilities and projects that fall outside of their job description.

Showing stats and data points in your resume portrays you as someone who’s results driven, especially if you have received company’s recognition for your impact. Having this in your resume will no doubt give you an edge over other candidates.

LinkedIn also believes that candidates who have worked in a similar industry or company size may take less time to transition into another company. While this isn’t a hard and fast indicator of success, taking a candidate’s versatility into consideration can help hiring managers who are on a hiring time crunch.


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