5 reasons you need to have a mentor

If you've never considered having a mentor, see the five reasons you should have one.

Everyone needs to have a mentor to grow in their career.

A career expert, Dr Flo Falayi once said that ‘employees who were part of a mentoring relationship were found to have significantly higher engagement scores, more fulfilled than employees who were not’.

A mentor is someone who has experienced success and can provide guidance in relation to whatever endeavour you are undertaking.

And to develop yourself in any field of your interest, you definitely need someone who can give you invaluable guidance. Here are five reasons you should consider having a mentor.

One of the major reasons why you need to have a mentor is for you have someone who can see your potentials and make you a better version of yourself. Self-doubt is a terrible personal issue that may affect your career growth, but having a mentor will help you develop confidence and believe in yourself.

Having a mentor will prevent you from settling for less. To reach your career goals, you need someone to challenge and push you to go farther than you can possibly imagine. 

Mentors take it as part of their responsibilities to protect and nurture their proteges from taking steps that may ruin their careers. You therefore, need to have a good mentor who will train you on how to take the right steps and make sound decisions that’ll lead to the fulfillment of your career goals.

In a bid to motivate and ensure you’re focused on your professional growth, mentors often push themselves to advise their proteges. They share their stories, experience and perspective to support their mentees.

If you have a mentor that takes you to events and shares his/her network with you, it makes it easy for you to grow your contact lists that’ll expose you to many opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise had.


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