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Special traits that make women exceptional leaders

Special traits that make women exceptional leaders

I&M Bank hosted an empowering event dubbed 'Discover Her' at their iconic I&M Bank towers in Nairobi on Saturday march 9, 2024.

Just a day after the globe paused to honour International Women's Day, I&M Bank hosted an empowering event dubbed 'Discover Her' at their iconic I&M Bank towers in Nairobi.

Aimed at celebrating, educating, and motivating their female workforce, the event shone a spotlight on the indispensable role women play in society and the corporate sphere.

Adorned in vibrant hues, the women of I&M Bank made a bold statement on Saturday, March 9, their attire mirroring their inherent strength, resilience, and courage.


Aligning with this year's International Women's Day theme, 'Inspire Inclusion,' the event unfolded in two engaging sessions that captivated the audience with stories of inspiration and panels of discussion that dove deep into women's experiences in the corporate world.

The first session featured two dynamic speakers who shared their journeys, illuminating the path for those still navigating their way through the complexities of corporate careers.

Their stories weren't just narratives of success but beacons of hope and determination, urging every woman in attendance to dream big and push boundaries.


The second session brought together six women leaders from I&M Bank, boasting diverse experiences within and beyond.

The panel, including notable figures like Gauri Gupta, the Group Executive GM- Corporate Advisory I&M Group Plc, covered a range of topics from the significance of women in leadership positions to the unseen barriers hindering their progress.

Gauri Gupta's insights were particularly illuminating, emphasizing that leadership transcends formal titles and is embodied by those who lead by example, regardless of their position within the organization.

She advocated for a balanced representation of women across all levels of the corporate ladder, highlighting the unique skills women bring to leadership roles – from strategic thinking to empathy and resilience.

"Having women in leadership brings balance to race and feminity. It's embracing all those special traits and characteristics we have as women. Women are more curated, better in communication, more compassionate, much more empathetic, and resilient. We are more strategic and always find a way to maneuver through conflicts. All these skills are needed when you are in a leadership position. We need to have this balance at every level. At the top, in the middle, and at the bottom, we need women at every level," she said.


The 'Discover Her' event was more than a celebration; it was a powerful convergence of shared experiences and collective wisdom.

It reminded attendees of the importance of support, mentorship, and advocacy for women in the workplace.

Women left the event feeling empowered, armed with new insights and a renewed sense of purpose.


The gathering wasn't just a reflection on the progress made but also a call to action to continue pushing for greater inclusion, equality, and recognition in the corporate world and beyond.


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