7 worst excuses people give on Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day(mirror)

We are now counting hours to Valentine’s Day. There is this group of people who are overly excited and can’t wait to treat or get treated by their partners. Then, there is this group who really would love to celebrate the big day but unfortunately, Njaanuary seems to have extended to February. And lastly, there is another group who are swearing by both heavens and earth that they can never celebrate this day.

Now, these two groups who are not celebrating Valentine’s will definitely be at loggerheads with their partners: not unless their partners hold the same belief. So it helps to get a little wiser to avoid troubles. At least what’s they think.

These are the same people who have already started manufacturing some ‘great’ lies and excuses to escape the wrath of their partners. If your partner says any of these things to you on Valentine’s Day, just know it’s nothing but some fake excuse to avoid spending a dime:

1. We celebrate our love each day

This is the last thing you will want to hear on this day. Yet someone will go ahead to say it to you as if they have no idea how disgusting it sounds. If your partner gives you flowers and gifts every day, then they can get away with not celebrating this day.

2. I spent the whole day in the cell

Quite a smart lie I must say. Tragedies must be very smart to only happen on such an important day. Not to say that someone cannot get arrested on Valentine’s Day, but you can’t be certain that it’s not just an excuse.

3. I thought Valentine’s was last week

Here comes the most irritating. Even kids know that Valentine’s is celebrated on 14th. So who are you to forget confuse the days?

‘I was so mad at you last week because I thought you forgot about it’ they will say.

4. Age is catching up with me, I forgot

Unless you live on some other planet, you can’t forget about this day no matter how hard you try to. On radios, TVs and social media, everyone talks about this day. Plus the streets are flooded with fresh flowers and gifts. You can’t help to feel the love in the atmosphere – you can just assume it.

5. I already sent a gift pack via G4S, didn’t you get it?

Yet deep in their heart, they know they did nothing like that. And they will sound so disappointed and promise to follow up for the same. But of course, you ain’t gonna get anything afterward.

6. OMG, I am so sick babe. I didn’t even go to work today.

Those in a long distance relationship can use this as an excuse and get away with it. Of course, you can’t expect a sick person to go shopping for gifts.

7. Didn’t we agree to save?

How will you even respond to such? They are simply making you seem unreasonable for choosing Valentine’s over saving.


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