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5 ways to spot a fake friend

No time for fake people.

And while this old age statement was engraved into our brains since we were younger, life always has a different plan for us.

Some friends will be true and loyal but others, not so much.

Here’s how you can spot a fake friend.


1.The lowkey hater

They are jealous of your success. Every time you tell them good news about your life, they never seem all the way happy for you. They sometimes even get a little bit too critical of you.

2.They embarrass you and try brush it off like they were joking.

For instance, those friends that give you back handed compliments – “I didn’t expect you to actually get that job but congratulations all the same”. Like WTF.

3.They wait for your relationship to end to spill all the beans


Once your relationship ends, that’s when you start hearing how your boyfriend actually used to flirt with other girls but your friend didn’t want to tell you because she didn’t want to hurt your feelings – really bitch.

4.The messy one

This is that friend that creates a mess out of a situation and when they are called out they start playing the victim. All they truly want is to get the tea on you so that they can spread it on to someone else-

5.They one that always wants something from you.

Every time you speak to them they want something from you e.g they need a loan from you today, tomorrow they need you to help them pay for something. You’re like their personal ATM.


When you need them, they are MIA.


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