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5 clear signs you're dating a gold digger

You were a sponsor and now you know.

However, some aren't that magnanimous.

Here are five signs that your partner is a gold digger.


1. Only wants expensive gifts

Sentimental gifts are a waste of time. They only want gifts based on the price tag and the type of shop you bought it from.

2. The friends are also gold diggers

When your partner constantly refers to how well of her friends' partners are, or how lavish their lifestyles are, it may be a sign of gold digging. In other instances, her friends may often show up to mooch off your hospitality.

3. You never know about your partner's finances


Gold diggers live by a simple rule. "What's yours is ours but what's mine is mine." She will have a vested interest in your finances but you will never have a clear picture of hers.

4. Gold diggers are status oriented

For them it's always about first class flights, Uber Selects, limos and VIP treatments. They never want anything they consider "beneath" them and will walk the moment it looks like you're slumming it.

5. Every partner is a stepping stone

Gold diggers never "date backwards". Each partner will be richer or more connected than the last. By that point, you're entering into social climber territory.


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