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Man who hung on CS's chopper in Meru to face attempted suicide charges

The man, upon landing from the chopper, took off but was arrested and arraigned in court

Joakim Mutwiri hanging on CS Munya's chopper

A man who hung on Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya’s chopper after a rally in Meru County is facing attempted suicide charges following his arrest.

Joakim Mutwiri was arraigned at the Maua Law Courts where his mother told the court that he is mentally unstable, reporting that he has previously jumped off the first floor of a building in Nairobi.

According to officers who arrested Mutwiri, he defended his action saying he wanted to travel to Nairobi to look for a job.

Mutwiri became the centre of attention in Kiegoi market where the Agriculture CS and East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) member of parliament Mpuru Aburi had addressed members of the public in campaigns.


After taking off, Mutwiri was seen relaxed on the choppers landing skids as members of the public called on the pilot not to take off and allow Mutwiri to come off the chopper.

Upon landing, Mutwiri took off, making police officers chase him and they almost beat him up until members of the public intervened.

Mutwiri’s case comes almost five years after a man from the same region hung on a chopper carrying former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Unlike Mutwiri who did not get to experience the chopper take off, Julius Mwithalie who hang on Odinga’s chopper saw the chopper take off for about 20km until it landed at a school nearby.


Mwithalie was also charged with attempted suicide but was released after the intervention of Mr Odinga.

Attempted suicide in Kenya attracts a penalty of two years in prison, doctors in Kenya are however pushing for the provision to be repealed as they believe attempted suicide is not a crime but a sign of an underlying mental illness.

Prof. Lukoye Atwoli the chairman of the Mathari Mental Hospital said mental illness should be handled by doctors and not the police.

“We should repeal this law as it condemns some sick people to prison, which is very unfair as they require medical attention,” Atwoli noted.


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