The mistake Orengo & Wanjigi made at JKIA – Immigration boss reveals

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In a statement, Kihalangwa alleged that though the two claimed there was a Court order revoking the suspension of their passports, they failed to produce the document.

The immigration officer further mentioned that the NASA affiliated leaders instead presented writings on their phones which they purported to be court orders.

"When the two arrived at JKIA, they were requested to avail the copies of the said court orders but they had none. Instead they showed some writings in their phone purporting to be Court orders.

"The two could therefore not be allowed to proceed with their journey until copies of the said orders were availed,” the statement read

Kihalangwa insisted that the passports belonging to the two leaders were legally suspended and the Immigration office had not received any court orders contradicting the revocation.

"We learnt through the media that the court had granted orders that the Department of Immigration should not interfere with the movement/travel of the two.

"Neither the Director of Immigration Services nor the Department was served with such orders as is required by the law," Mr. Kihalangwa said.

The Government blocked the passports of Orengo, Wanjgi and 13 other NASA leaders on February 7. 2018.

In a letter to the leaders, the Immigration boss stated the revocation was done in line with the 2011 Citizen and Immigration Act, which stipulates the grounds for suspending travel documents.

However, they moved to court to have this order lifted.

On Monday, High Court temporarily lifted the Government's decision to suspend the passports. The ruling was made by Judge John Mativo who also directed that the matter be  filed and served upon the respondents.

The inter-party hearing was scheduled for Monday, February 26, 2018.


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