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Twitter celebrates brave Kenyan who silenced Miguna in a debate

Rare moment as Miguna is silenced

Miguna, known for his abrasive and sharp debating skills, appears to have lost his mojo as he faced a little-known architect who identifies himself as Roy Githaiga.

It all started with football where the NRM General attacked Africans who are excited by football.

“The irrational excitement millions of Africans show as they get high cheering foreigners kicking small balls inside football fields in Russia as their politicians loot trillions of their resources and murder millions of their fellow citizens explains why we were colonized,” the Canada-based lawyer tweeted.


The tweet did not go well with a section of Kenyans who were quick to point out that it was possible to celebrate football without dwelling on the crimes committed against Africans.

“Once again we are celebrating the football skills that have won France the world cup NOT skills of capturing slaves! Isnt that thinking! Remain focused and objective!” Ongeri Wycliffe said.

As the criticism bore, Miguna challenged those who were angered by his comments not to respond as he was using his account to speak his mind.

Miguna, however, tried to explain that his account was private but was further challenged on his position as a public figure.


Cornered, the exiled lawyer denied being a public figure, despite previously describing himself as a “public intellectual and NRM General”.

"A "public figure" is a person who holds public office," Miguna erroneously claimed.

Roy did not let off Miguna easily and condescendingly referred the lawyer to check the dictionary meaning of a public figure which defines him or her as “a person known of by the general public”.

In a rare move, Miguna briefly responded, terming Roy as "ignorant" and later went mute.

Screenshots of the heated discussion went viral as Kenyans celebrated the fact that a little-known tweep had silenced the man known for his bare-knuckle verbal and written jabs.


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