Safran OT Morpho makes new statement on IEBC system

This is final.

Safran OT-Morpho on Tuesday said that the external audit conducted on its ICT system is secure and was not attacked during the August 8 poll.

The KIEMS kits supplier has added that it is working with the Wafula Chebukati led IEBC to ensure fair, credible and open Oct 26 poll.

“The IBM audit demonstrated that all practices had been done in order to achieve a high delivery quality and that OT-Morpho’s testing of the KIEMS solution was highly professional and trusted. Orange CyberDefense’s audit demonstrated that Orange CyberDefense cyber security experts did not find any critical or major vulnerability and were not able to penetrate the system,” the statement indicated on Tuesday.

Amid the nullification of Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory by the Supreme Court ruling, Safran OT-Morpho came under sharp criticism from the National Super Alliance led by Raila Odinga, who demanded that the contract issued to the firm to supply an ICT infrastructure be revoked.

“Further to the accusations made concerning the 8th August elections process (including hacking, intrusion, piracy or manipulation of results), OT-Morpho indicates that a Top 3 IT company worldwide has conducted an external audit on the August 8th RTS system,” it stated.

“The final report from this external IT leader proves once again, in addition to the two in-depth internal audits conducted previously and to the internal audit conducted by independent experts, that no evidence of errors has been identified and OT-Morpho RTS system used for the August 8th elections was not compromised,” it said.

Earlier, Mr Odinga also wanted Safaricom Limited be probed for the Virtual Private Network which terminated in France. Safaricom has since maintained that it performed its duties, with its CEO Bob Collymore urging “Mr Odinga to stop victimizing Safaricom Limited staff.”

The new announcement comes a day before the repeat polls are held, while the opposition heads to Ukambani to drum up his calls for elections boycott.

Meanwhile, Mr Odinga who had urged his supporters to come up in large numbers and demonstrate in the push for reforms at the IEBC changed his mind on Monday evening, urging them to stay away from polling station.

“We have not told people to demonstrate on the day of the poll, we have not said that at all, we have told them to stay away,” Mr Odinga told the BBC, in an article published on Tuesday.


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