Gov’t has refused to give me my pension, Raila Tells US

Raila makes shocking revelation about his pension in the US

Mr. Odinga who was answering pertinent issues involving Kenya’s presidential election stated that the Government had reaped him off privileges he is entitled to as a former Prime Minister.

He divulged that even his bodyguards were taken away forcing him to hire private security personnel.

The NASA leader mentioned this after he was asked whether he supports the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) proposal to have a Prime Minister position created through the intervention of Parliament.

Odinga dismissed this, highlighting that he was not interested in getting a position but ensuring that Kenya gets a chance to hold a free and credible election.

He rubbished the creation of Prime Minister’s position referring to it as a cheap way to resolve deep issues affecting the nation.

“We are not just looking for jobs. That is a very cheap way of looking at things. We want to address this fundamental issue of governance. So that is why we are saying it cannot be a quick fix.

“The way I have been for the last five years I have never gone to the Government to beg. They have even refused to give me a pension as a Prime Minister as I am entitled to. Even my security they withdrew it two months ago but I do not care as a hired a private one.

“The proposal by NCCK is a cheap way of looking at the issue,” Odinga said amid applause.

During the address, Mr. Odinga also took a swipe at diplomats claiming that they were supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta instead of being neutral in the politics of the land.

"Let me blunt again...envoys have sometimes contributed to the problem. IEBC said it could not guarantee the credibility of polls but envoys in Nairobi said 'proceed'.''Kenya is heading towards being axed into dictatorship and your envoys have not succeeded in making things better," Odinga stated.


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