'Jesus' begs for mercy after plans to crucify him in Ngong with Waiguru and Kaburu

Having stirred the news and set social media abuzz with his stunt of walking barefoot and bearing the resemblance of the Jesus, the man has now spoken asking for better treatment.


The white man currently going by the moniker ‘fake Jesus’ has spoken up.

Daniel Christos, that is the man’s real name and sure it is not far off from Christ as it is the Greek name for the Jewish Messianic title.

Seeing the buzz he has caused and some worrying threats on his security, Daniel has spoken dispelling the rumors that he had called himself Christ or that was his intention.

He revels that he has been in the country for two weeks now coming in from Ethiopia.

One of the messages that had him seeking to clarify the issues was this Facebook post that called for his crucifixion along with Kabura and former Devolution CS, Ann Waiguru.

Daniel’s message sought to clarify the misunderstanding. He stated;

"I arrived in Kenya less than 2 weeks ago from Ethiopia and have been welcomed with so much enthusiasm like I've never experienced before in my life. I

n fact it's been so extreme that it's been a little overwhelming. Every single corner I walk on in Nairobi I have noticed someone either taking a photo or video while hundreds of times a day I hear people calling out "Jesus!". Kenyan people in general have been very friendly and loving.

Until I find this photo of me circulating online. I feel a little concerned by this person's comments. I don't know who wrote it and I don't know if it was just a joke or if they were serous, but it has made me a little uncomfortable to walk in the streets of Nairobi.

I shouldn't have to respond to such close minded nonsense but a quick message to whoever posted the photo and comment... I AM NOT JESUS! I HAVE NEVER PRETENDED TO BE. I am a traveller who has come to your country as a visitor, i would hope that one day if Jesus does return you treat him with a little more respect than you have treated me.

To everyone else, you are a beautiful people, I love you!"

It appears Daniel finally got the real Nairobi welcome and he will be careful where he steps out with his stunts.


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