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Githurai 44, couple found Dead in their house in a suspected Suicide Pact

A couple found hanging in their house in Githurai 44, in what is suspected to be a suicide pact.


A couple was found hanging in their house in Githurai 44 on Monday evening in what is suspected to be a suicide pact.

A note was found in their house asking their family to bury them together in their ancestral home, Muranga and to also take care of their children.

Police have launched investigations on the couple’s death and are currently analyzing the suicide note to establish the handwriting among other clues.

The woman was found with a rope around her neck but with her legs touching the floor, in the one room apartment.


Police think Mr. Simon Maina Kiare, 38 may have killed his wife, Esther Muthoni and then committed suicide.

The suicide note which was found in the house is thought to have been written by Kiarie and read as follow.

“We, Maina and Muthoni have decided to do that and die.

Our graves should be in Murang’a. That is where we should be buried.

“We leave our children to our brothers.


“God bless you”

Pointing to a possible suicide pact.

A suicide pact is an agreed plan between two or more individuals to commit suicide. The plan may be to die together, or separately and closely timed.

According to Bizarrepedia, Over 800,000 people commit suicide each year, meaning there is a suicide after every 40 seconds.


Here are just a few famous suicide pacts.

1. Seven people die in Japan after an online suicide pact

In 2005, seven people killed themselves within hours of each other after making suicide pacts online. Four people in their 20's and 30's were found dead a car in a mountainside parking lot in Tochigi prefecture. A day later, the bodies of three more people were found 30 miles away in a car parked on a dry riverbed. All the seven people had died from carbon monoxide poisoning after sealing themselves in the vehicles and inhaling fumes from charcoal stoves.

Suicide notes were found in both cars with the note in the second vehicle indicating the victims had arranged to die together in internet chatrooms.

3. Russia Lesbian Suicide Pact


Nadya and Masha, a Russian lesbian couple committed suicide in the most chilling of ways. The 17 years old couple, filmed themselves walking onto train tracks near the city of Bryukhovetskaya, where they shared a kiss before being hit by an oncoming train.  Lesbianism is illegal in Russia.

3. Heaven's Gate (1997)

On March 27, 1997, 39 followers of Heaven’s Gate died in a mass suicide in California, USA. Heaven’s gate believed, according to the teachings of their group, that through their suicides they were "exiting their human vessels" so that their souls could go on a journey aboard a spaceship.  Some male members of the group had event underwent voluntary castration in preparation for the genderless life they believed awaited them after the suicide


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