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Brian Chira apologises, Carol Katrue badmouths Kenyans in Saudi & more stories on #PulseUhondoMtaani

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From left: Brian Chira, Martin Kimathi and Musician Size 8

Controversial TikToker Brian Chira took a bold step forward by offering a public apology for his past toxic behaviour.

In an emotional interview with Kiss FM on August 2, Chira expressed remorse for his ungratefulness towards those who genuinely cared for him during his rise to internet fame.

His candid admission and willingness to take a break from social media to reflect on his actions have sparked both praise and skepticism among his audience.


Brian Chira didn't shy away from acknowledging his past mistakes. He revealed that he had misjudged the intentions of some friends who supported him during his journey to becoming an internet sensation.

He expressed sincere regret for his toxic behavior towards them, admitting that he failed to see their genuine care and believed they were merely seeking to benefit from his fame.

Mugithi artist Carol Katrue, in a video shared on August 3, revealed that her concert in Saudi Arabia faced a near-flop situation despite ultimately being successful.


In her explanation, Katrue stated that attendees simply didn't show up due to jealousy, and they were also expressing discontent towards the promoter who had arranged the concert.

Katrue and her fiancé Miracle Baby had travelled to Saudi Arabia for the event and discovered that their promoter had faced multiple accusations two weeks before the concert.

"Two weeks ago kulikua na scandal ya huyo promoter alituita. Alikua ameekelewa yeye ni mkubwa wa LGBTQ+.

"[There was a scandal two weeks ago, the promoter was accused of being an LGBTQ+ leader]," Katrue said.


She further pointed out that the same promoter was facing murder accusations, which led some Kenyans to boycott the event due to their reservations about him being the host.

According to Katrue, the event's attendance could have been significantly improved if there was a more positive and supportive outlook among the people present.

Former NTV presenter Martin Kimathi stepped into the spotlight once again as he enters the lineup of potential hosts being considered by Citizen TV to replace Willis Raburu on '10/10' show.


Making the thrilling announcement on his Instagram, Kimathi revealed that he will be gracing the screens on Friday 4, ready to bring back his signature energy after being away from the limelight for over a year.

"This Friday I'm bringing all the energy on 10/10. Haven't been onscreen for over a year, so you know I'm hungry!!!

"My people, I need your support - tune in masses for the best showdown and let's show them how we do!" Kimathi passionately declared, rallying his fans to stand behind him on this exciting new journey.


Known for his versatile talent as both a host and actor, Kimathi previously hosted the popular show 'Teen Republik' on NTV until 2021, after which he rejoined the station with the show 'Tuzidi na Hustle'.

Now, he sets his sights on the '10/10' show, determined to leave a lasting impression with his unique charm and engaging presence.

Citizen TV is conducting tests with various media personalities as they search for the perfect fit to steer the show into its next chapter.

Media personality Kamene Goro abruptly walked out on DJ Bonez during their weekly podcast with Oga Obinna.


The incident unfolded during a discussion on whether it's right to maintain contact with ex-partners in a video they posted on August 1.

Kamene quickly raised concerns, alleging that her husband DJ Bonez was still in contact with his ex-girlfriend and that their relationship seemed amicable due to his empathetic nature.

"They are amicable which I don't like," Kamene said.

The tension escalated when Bonez posed a hypothetical scenario to Obinna, questioning whether he would refuse assistance if his ex-partner asked for a favour.


"Mtu akikuuliza msaada, na si pesa ama nini, amekuambia tu nataka connection ya mtu fulani utakataa kumconnect?" Bonez questioned.

Kamene recalled a troubling incident during a meeting where she noticed DJ Bonez texting with his ex.

Curiosity getting the better of her, she glanced at the conversation and almost recognized the name.

"We were in a meeting tumekaa hivi, kila mtu ako kwa simu yake. Naona ako kwa dm. nikachungulia nikaona tu and suspected I knew that name. After one and a half hours nikamuuliza jina ya ex wake ni, akanimabia. That's when I stopped talking that night," she said.


Renowned actress Sandra Dacha recently opened up about her long-time celebrity crush, who is none other than President William Ruto.

Speaking in a lighthearted conversation with Oga Obinna on August 3, Sandra candidly admitted that she had a soft spot for Ruto for quiet a long time.

However, she playfully clarified that her admiration for him began before he assumed the presidency.

Who is your celebrity crush? Obinna posed the question to sandra.


"Eeh, Ruto William. I swear, since kitambo akiwa MP... President William Ruto you have been my all time crush since enzi zile ukiwa MP," Sandra said.

However, she hinted that she might be reevaluating her affections and considering a new celebrity crush soon.

"He has been but am trying to change my mind now," she said.


DJ Mo teamed up with content creator David Moya to give singer Size 8 a befitting birthday surprise on live TV as the mother of two turned 36 years old.

Size 8 who made an appearance alongside DK Kwenye Beat on NTV’s 'The Trend' was treated to a surprise after David Moya walked in bearing gifts.

Moya who was donning a white outfit broke into his signature Mi Amor song and dance before handing the gifts she came with to Size 8, including a birthday card.


Moya read the card in which DJ Mo poured his heart out to his wife, appreciating the special person she has been as a wife, a mother to their children, a friend, a confidant and a companion.

“Happy birthday to my woman, my queen, my wifey, and the amazing mother of my kids. You’re my special gift from God. I enjoy doing life with you.

"You’re simply the best baby. I Celebrate you, I appreciate you, and I love you. Check your M-Pesa.” Read the message penned by DJ Mo.

The climax of the surprise was when Size 8 turned to see DJ Mo and their two children on stage bearing more gifts as captured in the video below, courtesy of NTV.


Kenyan musician Weezdom recently spoke out about the prevailing notion that the country's music industry is lagging behind.

In a conversation with a local media house on August 2, he pointed out that the artists themselves are to blame for the current state of affairs.

Drawing from his experience both as an industry insider and a Tanzanian music enthusiast, Weezdom highlighted the key differences that make Tanzanian music more successful in Kenya contrast to the Kenyan music.


He observed that Tanzanian artists' creativity and showbiz choices have contributed to the excitement surrounding their music, while the Kenyan music industry appears to be lacking in such elements.

"According to the way mimi nimekuwa kwa industry na pia shabiki wa Mziki ya tanzania, ukifuatilia vitu zao zinabamba. Huku kwetu hakunaga news. Huku kwet watu wanavaa marinda, kamisi. Lakini kule wasee wankomoana unaangalia unaona hii kitu ni interesting. Industry yetu ya Kenya inalzk hiyo," Weezdom said.

Weezdom also reminisced about the days when beef, though prevalent, was healthier and commercially viable.

He cited the beef between artists Bahati and Willy Paul as an example of a healthy rivalry that sparked public interest in showbiz.


'Maria' actress Dorea Chege left her fans concerned when she posted a video on Facebook where she was seen sobbing.

However, she quickly deleted the video after sharing it. In the video, she briefly mentioned that she wasn't feeling well and didn't elaborate before ending the recording abruptly.

"So apparently I have been living with so much pain and I can't handle it anymore," Dorea said.

Blogger Edgar Obare later reposted the clip on his Twitter account, prompting concerned individuals who saw it to request that those close to Dorea check up on her well-being.


"Might be going through either abuse someone needs to check out if she is okay," Cathy Mutuku tweeted.

On the other hand, some individuals commented that perhaps she was seeking attention, as numerous celebrities in Kenya tend to engage in attention-grabbing actions before unveiling projects they have been working on

Award-winning Kenyan actor and content creator Abel Mutua has heaped praises on his wife Judy Nyawira, revealing that she has behind every success.


Speaking to Lynn Ngugi, Mutua recounted that they met in 2008 and since then, Nyawira has been the fuel that has propelled him to greatness.

“Judy is the fuel that propels me to greatness. And it’s not something she has started now, she has been that person since 2008 when we met.

"Every situation we have been in has been a reason for me to grind even harder. Thanks to her. I keep on telling her that if it was not for her I would have amounted to nothing,” Mutua explained.

He praised Nyawira for sticking by him through thick and thin, reminding him through difficult times that it was not meant to be easy.


He went on to admit that his wife has always kept him in check- reminding him that nothing is meant to be easy in life and giving up is not an option.

A recent Instagram post by renowned comedian Churchill and TikToker Priscilla Wa Imani has set the internet ablaze with humorous reactions.

The photo, shared on August 3 featured him and Priscilla seemingly swapping heads through a clever Photoshop edit, resulting in a hilarious and eye-catching image.

The photo, which quickly gained traction, showcased Churchill's head on Priscilla Wa Imani's body, and vice versa, creating a comical visual.


Fans were delighted with the playful stunt and couldn't help but share their amusement online.

Many viewers appreciated the light-heartedness of the photo, acknowledging it as a harmless joke between the two entertainers.

Churchill, known for his witty humour, didn't miss an opportunity to tickle the funny bones of his followers.

"Seriously…Waaraa this?" Churchill humorously questioned.


However, amidst the laughter, some expressed concern that this light-hearted trend might be indicative of a larger societal shift.


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