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Kamene Goro making radio comeback, Wema Sepetu pregnancy reports & more stories on #PulseUhondoMtaani

#PulseUhondoMtaani - Truth about Wema Sepetu pregnancy reports

Wema Sepetu, Amber Ray, Kamene Goro and Miss Trudy

Celebrities who Andrew Kibe has hit in the past are not yet done with him, after Diana Marua hit at him, Amber Ray recently fired back at the YouTuber.

This is among the stories making headlines this week among many others.

Popular Tanzanian celebrity, Wema Sepetu, has refuted rumours that she is expecting a child with her boyfriend Oscar John Lelo, also known as 'Whozu'.


The former Miss Tanzania stated that even if she were pregnant, she would not reveal it to the public. In an Instagram post, she expressed her desire to have a baby boy and clarified that she would only share the news of her pregnancy when the time is right.

"Angalizo..!!! Kile ni kipindi... I am not pregnant YET...!!! Na hata kama nikishika mnahisi nitasema kweli...? Yaani ndo ile Mungu kasema, "Sasa acha nikubariki tumbo lako Wema," afu PAAP "MIMBA"... Sisemi Ng'o...!!! Ila naitamani jamani... Tuseme Inshallah..."

"[I am not pregnant. Even if I get pregnant, do you think I will talk about it? Like when God says, 'Let me bless your womb' and then I get pregnant, I will not tell y'all. But I wish to be pregnant. Let's all say Inshallah,]" Sepetu said.

Sepetu and Whozu confirmed their relationship in September 2022 when the comedian threw a lavish birthday party for Wema on her 32nd birthday.


Kenyan influencer, Amber Ray, has taken to social media to respond to Andrew Kibe's recent antics regarding her.

Content creator and YouTuber Kibe, known for his controversial comments, had swiped at Amber Ray's gender reveal party and mentioned her family in a video on his YouTube channel.

In a series of posts on her Instagram stories on Thursday, Amber Ray did not hold back in responding to Kibe's comments. She used the opportunity to impart some life lessons to Kibe.

Despite his influence and impact in the Kenyan and diaspora communities, Amber described Kibe as a 50-year-old man with no clear vision or money.


She also said that Kibe has been unable to pay debts as low as Sh2.5 million for seven years and warned single ladies to stay away.

"He has no clear vision, no money and yet married to his job. Contrary to many people's beliefs, 'babu wa mama' is not a conman but only broke thus unable to pay debts for as low as Sh2.5m even after being given a chance to and trying for seven years," Amber wrote.

Amber Ray also used the opportunity to advise Kibe on the importance of raising his frequency from shame, guilt, grief, and fear to acceptance, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment.

She encouraged him to focus on inner work rather than seeking validation through likes on YouTube videos.


Kenyan singer and businessman KRG The Don has finally lifted the veil on his source of wealth.

With his luxurious lifestyle and flashy persona, fans have long been left to speculate on how the artist made his millions. However, in a recent interview, KRG finally revealed the truth behind his financial success.

“I inherited all my grandparents' wealth. My grandmother gave my mother her blessings and told her that the child that would be born after her death would inherit all her wealth,” KRG said.

This revelation sheds light on how the singer was able to make his first million at the young age of 17.


According to KRG, the money he makes from music is just peanuts compared to what he earns from his other businesses.

In addition to his inheritance, KRG has also ventured into various business ventures, including supplying sand and ballast for the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). KRG’s involvement in the SGR project gave him the opportunity to build his wealth even further.

“I was given a tender to bring sand and ballast from Makindu to Kiwi, and I built all that," KRG said.

KRG has built an impressive portfolio of properties and businesses, spanning industries such as transport, construction, and tourism. In a past interview, he spoke candidly about his various ventures.


Former Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro is set to return to radio soon.

Speaking during an interview with local media outlets on Wednesday 15, Lang'ata MP Felix Odiwuor, 'Jalang'o', revealed that Kamene would return to the radio soon.

Jalang'o had attended Betty Kyallo's birthday party, and when asked about Kamene, he disclosed that she is happy and doing what she loves.

"Kamene is doing very good, we had whisky yesterday and I think she is in a better place. She is doing something that she loves, and she is going to radio very soon," Jalang'o stated.


Although Jalang'o did not specify when or which radio station Kamene would join, he confidently confirmed that the popular radio presenter would rock the airwaves again.

Kamene Goro exited Kiss FM after her contract came to an end. Se hosted the morning show alongside Thompson Maghana alias Oga Obinna.

June Tuto, the daughter of politician David Murathe, was overjoyed to welcome her first child, a beautiful baby girl whom she named Kiara.


The proud new mother took to social media to share the good news with her friends and family, expressing her gratitude and excitement.

In a post on her social media account, June shared the meaning and origin of her daughter's name, Kiara.

Kiara is a name of both Italian and Irish Origins. It also has Hindi and Swahili origin,” read a post she shared on her stories.


Kenyan travel vlogger Miss Trudy has found herself at the centre of a social media storm after making comments about Uganda that some Ugandans online found offensive.

Miss Trudy, whose real name is Gertrude Awino Njeri, is in Uganda with her husband Wode Maya where she is also doing videos for her YouTube.

After a visit to a Ugandan park, Trudy tweeted that she was not aware that there was a national park in Uganda, which sparked anger among some Ugandans.

"Uganda has surprised me today! I did not know they also have game drives in Uganda! I thought that these were only in Kenya and Tanzania. We spent the evening watching antelopes, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, waterbucks, and hippos. Who would have thought?" read Trudy's tweet.


Her comments did not go down well with some Ugandans, who accused her of being ignorant and disrespectful. In response to the backlash, Miss Trudy defended herself, saying that her comments were genuine and not aimed at undermining Uganda.

“I don't understand why people are coming at me, and it's not cool at all. You know, being a visitor, you people should be showing me, love. It's not like I have hated anyone. I am just speaking the truth. Am I not allowed to speak my truth?” Miss Trudy said in a video response.

Miss Trudy also said that her comment was coming from an honest view, noting that she didn't know much about her own country, despite being born and raised there.

A section of users however came to her defence, with some saying that she was being unfairly attacked and that Ugandans should pick learnings from her comment.


Kenyan musician Mr Seed is still waiting for billionaire Jimi Wanjigi to pay him Sh100,000 one year after performing at a Safina party event in March 2022.

Despite repeated efforts to follow up on the payment, Mr Seed claims that he and other artists have not received any money from Wanjigi.

Speaking to this writer, Mr Seed expressed his frustration at the delay in payment, stating that efforts to reach the politician have been futile as he has kept dodging him and other fellow artists he owes.

He emphasized that the money owed to him is not a significant amount, but it is still important for him and his fellow artists who are struggling to make a living.


"He owes me Sh100,000, but there are many other artists It's just that am the only one speaking," said Mr Seed.

Seed added that the artists Wanjigi has not paid have a forum through which they try to demand their pay although it has not yielded much and neither have the artists heard a word from him or his aides.

"We have done a couple of meetings with his handler, and keep being taken in circles. We even have a WhatsApp group themed 'Pay Us Our Money', and everyone involved is in there. There has been nothing at all," added Mr Seed.

At the height of the campaigns for the 2022 General Election, Wanjigi acquired the services of artists among them Eric Omondi who he hoped would sell him to the youthful voters.

Wanjigi however did not make it to the ballot following disqualification by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for not having a university degree and instead submitting transcripts.


Famous Kenyan comedian, Eric Omondi, has intervened to help a sales lady named Joyce Naserian, who was arrested and jailed for shouting in Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD)

Naserian, who could not pay a cash bail of Sh10,000, was sentenced to three months in Prison. She had been taken to Central Police Station by city council officers and later transferred to Lang'ata Women's Prisons.

"I was working in town at Old Nation House, next to the fire station, and when I shouted to call a customer, city council officers came and arrested me and took me to Central police station," Naserian said during an interview with Inooro TV.


Learning about the situation after the interview, Eric Omondi shared a video of Naserian narrating events that led to her arrest and imprisonment on his Facebook page on Saturday, March 11.

He appealed to anyone with information about Naserian to contact him. The post quickly garnered attention, and Eric gathered the information needed within a day.

"We will be visiting Langata Prison to help this Sister out. So far, a lot of people have come out to offer her help...thank you, @bernicesaroni, for offering her a job. Let's try to get her out first," Eric wrote on Instagram.

After visiting the Prison on Monday 13, Eric revealed that Joyce Naserian had been released and that she had already secured a job.


Pastor Sue Munene has applied to Kenya Industrial Property Institute (Kipi) to trademark the viral phrase 'twa twa' that she coined in 2019 during a church service.

She used the term to refer to intimacy between a man and a woman since she couldn't put it out bluntly.

Kenyans found the clip of the pastor using the coded words funny, and it was widely reshared until some artists started using the phrase in their songs.

Unlike other Kenyans who have trademarked viral phrases for money, Pastor Sue has made it clear that she wants to use it for godly purposes and that she won't stop anyone from using the viral words.


She explained in an interview with Sunday Nation, "The proposed mark is a symbolic non-linguistic voice tag popularized by commonly denoting relationship intimacy. But, hey, you need not be afraid of using it. It’s ownership, not for any other purpose. Not for commercial, not for anything. You see the way people say they want to be paid? That is being selfish."

Pastor Sue said that she had thought of copyrighting the phrase as soon as it went viral, but that did not happen since she went abroad and stayed there for nine months together with her husband Mr Joseph Munene.

"We wanted to register it in January 2020. Then we went to the US and stayed there for nine months, and the matter died," she added.

According to Sue, the term 'twa twa' is a coded language for God-given s*x in marriage. She added that she is delighted she introduced the terminology since couples have now found an easier term to use when asking for conjugal rights.


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