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7 little-known facts about Mike Makori, the charming Alejandro of 'Zari' series

From overcoming speech struggles to exuding confidence, passion, and raw talent on screen: Meet Mike Makori, the Mr Loverboy of 'Zari' series.

'Zari' actor Mike Makori 'Lwanda'

Mike Makori has quickly become one of the most talked about actors in Kenya's acting scene. Besides his acting, he's also a TV presenter, influencer, MC, and entrepreneur.

His deep voice, towering height, and the 'Alejandro' character on Maisha Magic's 'Zari' show have earned him a legion of fans.

Born in Nairobi, Mike Makori discovered his passion for television at a young age. Despite facing challenges with his voice and speech impediments during his childhood, Makori's interest in TV remained unwavering.


He recalls feeling shy and being made fun of in school when asked to read aloud. However, a teacher recognised his potential, encouraging him to explore a future in television due to his commanding presence and voice.

Initially aspiring to pursue aviation, Makori's fear of heights led him to reconsider his career path.

His parents according to him, remained supportive of his aspirations, with his father expressing hopes for him to enter the world of business.


Following a brief stint in marketing, Makori took a leap of faith and entered a TV host competition.

Although he didn't win, the experience opened doors for him, leading to a screen test with KTN for the show E-Curve in 2014.

Securing the role marked the beginning of Makori's media career, where he honed his presenting and production skills over two years.

Subsequently, he transitioned to hosting the Lotto Show, alongside engaging in influencer work and managing a bar on the side.


In 2023, Makori made his acting debut in the TV series 'Zari,' sharing the screen with renowned actors Sarah Hassan and Brenda Wairimu.

In the show, Makori portrays the character of Lwanda, a charming lawyer entangled in a web of love and revenge.

'Zari' revolves around the story of Nina, a young woman robbed of her rightful inheritance by her adopted family, setting the stage for a gripping narrative of deception and betrayal.


Despite his success, Makori in a previous interview with Standard, shared his past struggles with speech impediments.

He acknowledged the challenges he faced with stammering but emphasised how he has managed to overcome them.

Makori attributed his resilience to his determination to pursue his passions, despite initial concerns from loved ones.


Makori is in a relationship with Keshie Grace, with whom he shares fun-filled moments captured on their social media accounts.

His journey also includes a remarkable transformation in his physical fitness.

Formerly a chubby child, he dedicated himself to fitness, achieving a toned physique through discipline, regular workouts, and a balanced diet.


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