We broke up while I was in Jail – Jowie Irungu on Jacque Maribe, Comedian Njoro goes into Rehab and other top stories


Njoro the Comedian, Hamisa Mobetto, Jowie Irungu and Jacque Maribe (Courtesy)

This week on our hot and entertaining segment #UhondoMtaani we focus the spotlight on top stories making headlines in the Entertainment industry.


So, let’s get down to business;

Njoro the Comedian goes into Rehab

Former Churchill show comedian George Maina Njoroge aka Njoro will be away from social media for a couple of months, as he goes into rehab.

The comedian said that his brain is not okay because he has been fighting depression for a long time, and he will be in for treatment and therapy for about three months.

“It's about time .....In weeks which turned into months, I have been fighting or rather kung'ang'ana na depression. It's real guys, it kills you inside & without you knowing you loose yourself, the people you love, friends and so many other things. It makes you become very useless & life lucks meaning. I am there but I thank God He's taking me out of it. @mwalimuchurchill, I want to thank you for the greatest opportunity that you gave me & to everyone that believed in me, I'm so grateful.

Guys, I will be away for some time, for treatment (1-3mnths) coz my "engine"( brain) is not okay. No matter how good a car is, without an engine hakuna gari. I believe I'm gonna beat this & you'll see me very very soon after I'm done with the treatment. For now, I'll take any prayer you'll send my way and financial support to .0746 426336It will go a long way! I have faith that this mountain shall move out of my way by God's Grace and your support. I will be offline but I will be coming on Instagram live every Saturday 8pm to update you on how am doing with the treatment. Once again I thank you so much and God bless you @zainabuzeddy Asante Sana,” wrote Njoro.

Jowie Irungu speaks on his Breakup with Jacque Maribe

Joseph Jowie Irungu has disclosed that he broke up with TV journalist Jacque Maribe while he was in jail, after being arrested as the main suspect in Monica Kimini’s murder.

In an interview with Jalang’o, Jowie said that he decided not to talk to Maribe who was his fiancée at the time, after they decided to end their relationship. He went on to mention that they only talk once in a while when checking up on her.

Do you talk to Jacque?” asked Jalang’o.

“I decided not to. Ile tu you know we broke up while I was still inside. Being content is the best thing and for me nothing moved because I still had my Jah (God) in me… We don’t talk maybe check up on, once in a blue moon,” responded Jowie.

According to Jowie, everything that happened is the will of God and he is content with the way his life has turned out to be.

“Whatever trash you are doing it doesn’t have to be wewe ni anchor, wewe ni presenter ama wewe ni musician as long as umeinclude God, every step you are making you are not making it alone. Na God ndio aliniingiza hapo, na God ndio amenitoa nay eye bado ndio atanitoa that’s what I believe and I’m so content,” said Mr irungu.

Octopizzo hits back at Khaligraph over allegations of buying YouTube Views

Rapper Octopizzo clapped back at his counterpart Khaligraph Jones after he indirectly threw shade at him over allegations of buying YouTube views.

On Thursday, Papa Jones took to social media to call upon “IEBC” to guard his views at a time he was gearing up to the release of his new jam dubbed Lwanda Magere Legacy.

“Woi Woi woi Rada Ni Chafu ,IEBC wacheze Chini pale Youtube,Lwanda Magere Lagacy Dropping any Time , Subscribe right now, #respecttheogs,” reads Khaligraph’s post.

Rapper Breeder LW added; “Woooi woi woii..Wajue Ni Kubaya😂😂.”

The post came at a time YouTube views for Octopizzo’s new song #NIKUPATE were declining every day, prompting Netizens to conclude that he had bought fake views to fool his competitors he had numbers.

However, in a quick rejoinder, the Number Nane Finest hit back stating that he was in the process of reviving his servers so that his views can sky rocket to 10 million and piss-off his haters more.

“Sijakua area Naskia ma Fatboy bado wanaongea 😂😂. Hadi Madancer pekee wanahemesha tumboCut sisters. Acha niamshe Chebukati acheze na server vizuri ndio wajue Rada Chafu! wapate ya kusema vizuri. Round this zinaruka 10M views in a day waongee wachokee 😂😂

Nimepata vifaranga mbleina zimekua zikicheza na views Zangu! Tisha matodhi hapa ni mavi tunatoa kwa tumbo nani! Si ati nini!. #Mambleina #NIKUPATE OUT NOW #DON ☠️” reacted Octopizzo.

For the past few days Octo’s song #NIKUPATE that had over 900K views has registered an unexplained drop to 453K views, leaving fans with questions on whether its true the rapper has been buying views or not.

Fanya kazi wacha this crap – DJ Mo tells Bahati’s manager Weezdom

NTV Crossover 101’s DJ Mo has warned Bahati’s manager Weezdom to desist from attacking Gospel musicians, claiming that they do not support him.

In an exchange seen by Pulse Live, Weezdom made the accusation on Kenyan Gospel artistes saying that a Tanzanian secular musician Rayvanny, had congratulated Bahati for his latest Gospel song Naanza Tena, but they were nowhere to be seen.


His words were then countered by DJ Mo, a gospel DJ, who warned Weezdom to stop causing bad blood between artistes.

Mo added that it's time for Weezdom to act like a grown up and stop the side shows, and attacks on others.

@weezdom254 BROTHER STOP THIS KUPIGANISHA WATU ... it’s time we mature up .....Fanya kazi wacha this crap... kindly ...” responded DJ Mo.

The exchange happened shortly after Bahati shared a screenshot of a conversation with Rayvanny where he congratulated him for the new hit.


Willis Raburu and comedian Mammito join the ‘millionaires’ Club

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu and Comedian Mammito Eunice have joined the coveted ‘Millionaires Club’ on social media and they are over the moon about it.

The two shared the good news via their Instagram pages, saluting their fans for always keeping up with their craft hence the huge following.

“Special thanks to everyone for being part of this journey. Who would have thought that on this day a girl born and raised in Kibera Kenya would be the most followed female stand up comedian in Africa? Not even me.

This is great inspiration to all the girls determined to make a difference in this continent, we can do it, if we can think about it we can have it. GREATNESS is a language that anyone can learn and at the end we can all speak GREATNESS. Let us keep moving and support each other, when one player scores the whole team wins, #AfricaRising #GirlPower #MadeInKiberashared Mammito.

On the other, Raburu also thanked his fans and followers for helping him gain such huge numbers.

“Thank you so much for the love and support. I don’t take it for granted 🙏🏾 #Bazutainmentwrote Willis Raburu.

Internet Sensation Jamsta Earl speaks on his viral video (Exclusive)

On a Tuesday, Pulse Live Kenya reposted a video of a guy at a construction site singing to D-Major’s song “Girl of my dreams” and the reception was mind boggling, many lauding the man for his amazing voice and mastery of the queen’s language.

Within a few minutes, the video had gone viral on social media, with many tagging celebrities whom they thought could help the internet sensation actualize his dream of doing music.

The talented young man identified as Alex Mbugua aka Jamsta, spoke Exclusively to Pulse Live Kenya, stating that he did not expected the video to go viral, as he was just expressing himself musically, something he does often.

“I was just recording for the sheer joy of it because I have been doing so more often. I recorded some and posted them on twitter and they ended up getting like 10 retweets. I don’t do music for fame, because to me its a passion. I didn’t know it would go viral, I just posted it and requested a few people to retweet it, like Churchill and they did and I guess that is where it blew up,” said Jamsta.

Legendary Music producer Teddy Josiah promised to produce a free song for Jamsta and in our discussion he disclosed that plans are under way for them to meet.

“He called me yesterday and we had an awesome conversation and we are to meet and see how we gonna do it" Jamsta said.

Hamisa Mobetto on reports that MP Jaguar is the father to Son Dyalan

Tanzanian Video Vixen cum Fashionpreneur Hamisa Mobetto has broken silence on allegations that Kenyan MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar fathered her child, Dylan.

In a recent interview, Mobetto quashed the reports stating that she doesn’t know Jaguar in person and they have never met.

The mother of two decided to speak up after rumours went around that Jaguar fathered her kid due to Dylan’s uncanny resemblance to the ‘Kigeugeu’ singer.

“Sijawahi kumuona Jaguar katika Maisha Yangu, sijawahi kuonana naye, sijawahi kuwa na number yake ya simu ila sijawahi kuongea naye. Kwa hiyo sababu za kumpost mtoto wangu anazijua yeye mwenyewe lakini kwa sababu watu wengi Instagram wemekuwa wakumuunganisha na mtoto wangu picha, maybe that is one of the reasons. Lakini sijapata nasafi ya kuongea naye maana simjui, so hopefully the day ambayo nitamuona nitamuuliza” explained Hamisa.


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