5 'do’s and don’ts' of wearing make-up while exercising

September 11th 2022, 1:07:55 pm

Wearing make-up to exercise sounds impractical and like a disaster waiting to happen in the form of running foundation, raccoon eyes from running mascara and just sweating off all your cosmetics.

5 'do’s and don’ts' of wearing make-up while working out

However, it is feasible with the right application to wear make-up to your workout if you want. Here are 5 rules for keeping your glam on during exercise.

Light foundation includes lightweight CC or BB cream. Heavy foundation will block the sweat and sebum from escaping the skin pores which will leave you with a case of blackheads or acne.

Use mineral or water-based foundation because they are easier to apply and they moisturise the skin throughout the day.

Forego heavy lipstick and gloss which your hair might stick to and use a lip stain instead.

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Lip stain is long lasting and lightweight. Instead of coating the lips like gloss and lipstick, lip stain tints them. It also maintains a flush of colour on the lips even when the initial application has reduced.

Use tube mascara instead of waterproof mascara. Ordinary mascara and waterproof mascara coat the lashes with pigment that is easily smudged, tubing mascara wraps the lashes in a smooth rubber polymer that sweat glides over instead of causing smudging.

Tubing mascara also easily dissolves in water leaving no stains when you wash your face.

Remove your foundation completely after your session. You don't have to remove mascara or the brows. The foundation will catch most of the sweat, so will feel fresher if you wipe it off and reapply it. It also reduces the chances of your pores retaining bacteria and dead skin cells.

Going without make-up might make you feel self-conscious, however, everyone at the gym is too focused on their work to notice if you have make-up or not. If going with make-up is comfortable for you, that is a personal choice but it should not be a cause for stress. Not having to worry about you ruining expensive beauty products will allow you to give your best performance and get your dose of endorphins.

Martha Kemigisha
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