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5 things you should not do right after waking up


Waking up(seekthegreatness)

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? How you start your morning will determine what your day will be like. If you start your day with positive energy, your day is likely to be great too. The things you do in the morning will affect your productivity as well as your mental, emotional and physical health.

Check out some things you should not do right after waking up:

1. Not drinking water


For the last seven or eight hours, your body has not been hydrated. It’s only great to start by drinking a glass or two of water. It will help you adjust from sleep mode and speed up your metabolism throughout the day.

2. Leaving the bed unmade

You will still use the bed some hours after and leaving it unmade does no one any harm. But hey, you need to make your bed first thing after waking up. Research shows that people who make their beds are more productive at work. Plus you feel good about yourself knowing you left things in order.

3. Coffee


Sounds like a great idea to help you get into the mood. But that cup of coffee can wait some hours after. What you need to break your first is a healthy meal and not caffeine. Coffee on an empty stomach is likely to upset your stomach and can also leave you feeling weaker since it reduces cortisol levels.

4. Snoozing the alarm

Who hasn’t done this? Most of us are guilty yet it’s a bad habit that you should have stopped years ago. Besides being late, snoozing might also become a habit that’s hard to stop not to mention how groggy one feels after waking up.

5. Checking your email


Checking your email and scrolling through social media will distract your attention for the rest of the day. You might also get an email or message that will upset you and affect your productivity at work.


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