5 ways to make working out fun

It doesn’t have to be boring

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You don’t have to sulk every time you have to go to the gym. You can instead make it an exciting affair such that you will always look forward to it.

Try these tips and see how well they work:

1. Get a partner

Instead of going to the gym alone, you can go get buddies whether it’s your neighbor or colleagues from work. You can also do it with bae or make it a family affair. For instance, you can go jogging every Saturday morning together with the kids.

2. Revisit your childhood

Remember those fun games you used to play as a child? You can still do them and still stay fit. Skip the rope, play kati or whichever game you loved as a child. If you can do it with friends, the better.

3. Take a break from the gym

You don’t have to lift weights to stay fit. You can download an app and work out from home, go swimming, run for a course, cycle or even go hiking. You shall have had fun and still burned some calories.

4. Take photos of your progress

You can share the photos on your Instagram account. This is also a great way to keep track of your progress. Each time you lose a kg, you will want to document it and it will encourage you to do more.

5. Set a reward

Treat yourself to a new outfit, night out or an afternoon at the spa each time you hit a certain target. It will be fun knowing there is a reward after the workout.


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