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6 serious warning signs in babies you should never ignore

See a doctor immediately


New moms are always worrying about the baby’s wellbeing.

While sometimes there is usually no need to worry, other times you need to see a doctor immediately.

So how do you know whether your baby is well? Here are some warning signs in babies that you should never ignore:

1. Eye contact


For the first four months, the baby might have crossed eyes which is okay. But if the eyes remain crossed over four months, you should see a doctor. Also, failure to show eye contact in babies is usually an early sign of autism.

2. Fever

Ordinarily, babies are not supposed to get fever in the first three months. So if your baby has high temperatures, you should see a doctor soonest possible. In babies, fever is the most common sign of bacterial infections.

3. Yellow skin


Jaundice is a condition that changes the baby’s skin and eyes into yellow. Usually, it results from improper function of the liver and can go away on its own. However, you shouldn’t ignore it because at times the baby needs to be exposed to special lights for the condition to disappear.

4. Diarrhea and vomiting

Diarrhea and vomiting can easily dehydrate a new born.  While an older child could go for a day, a toddler should be rushed to the hospital soonest possible for diagnosis and treatment.

5. Breathing difficulties


Your baby might have caught flu or asthma making it hard for them to breathe. Once you notice breathing difficulties in your baby, see a doctor.

6. Continuous crying

Newborns cry so much and it can be hard to tell whether it’s normal crying or if they are unwell. If your baby doesn’t stop crying regardless of your effort to comfort them, it’s advisable to see a doctor. They could be having bowel movement issues which only the doctor can diagnose.


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