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Here's a super easy vodka cocktail recipe to try out this weekend

Alright folks, the weekend is here yet again

Lemon drop cocktail (Chowhoud)

Nowadays, more and more people are preferring to stay at home and enjoy an easy quiet night. Let’s face it, nights out are very expensive - a single night out for one person will cost over 1,000 shillings. So, why go out to spend so much money when you can use that 1,000 bob to buy a decent vodka and chase it with something, better yet, make yourself some cocktails, call bae over and enjoy some drinks over a couple of nice movies? Not too shabby huh? In fact, we have a super easy cocktail recipe for you to try out this weekend and guess what? You only need lemons, a bottle of vodka and sugar.

Start by squeezing out about three lemons to derive the lemon juice. Then pour out about 50 ml of vodka into a glass, add one tablespoon of sugar, shake very well (if you have a shaker, use it instead) then top up the vodka with the lemon juice.

You can garnish with a lemon slice. It's perfect served chilled so you can leave the vodka in the fridge to cool it before preparing the cocktail.


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