Common sex injury every woman should be aware of

Everything good always has a flip side to it - and this one's a pretty painful one.

A bruised cervix – and yes it is as painful as it sounds.

The bruised cervix occurs when a woman is not properly stimulated. A woman’s cervix is supposed to get larger, softer and rise by about two to three inches during intercourse.

Failure to do so during sex causes the cervix to stay lower and leads to it hardening making it easy for bruising.

The man’s penis size could also play a contributing factor in getting the sex injury.


Some of the symptoms that come along with a bruised cervix include cramps, abnormal bleeding, pain during sex and pain in the lower abdomen.

The sex injury is also more likely to occur close to one’s period as the cervix tends to be lower and harder during that time.


20 to 30 minutes of foreplay can help avoid cervical bruising.

Shallow penetration also helps with preventing injury.

Cervical bruising could last for about 24 hours and there is no long term effects.

Source: Mirror UK


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