Myths about pubic hair you should stop believing

What you need to know about your hair down under.

There are many things that women are told as they grow up about their pubic hair that are blatantly false.

Here are 5 myths that women need to stop believing.

1. Pubic hair diminishes sexual enjoyment

Waxing or shaving is a grooming preference for women.

2. Pubic hair never stops growing

When pubic hair gets to a certain level, it stops growing.

Shaving also doesn't making it grow faster. Trimming the bushes doesn't affect how fast your hair grows as it doesn't affect hair follicles.

3. Pubic hair helps protect against STDs

The pubic hair is a haven for the growth of bacteria. It also allows buildup of moisture which can increase risk of infection if proper hygiene habits aren't applied.

4. Pubic hair increases vaginal odour

In fact pubic hair can help mask the natural smell that occurs in the vagina. According to Madame Noire pubic hair releases nice smelling pheromones.

5. The thicker the pubic hair the higher the fertility.

There is no proven correlation between the presence of thick pubic hair and the fertility of a woman.


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