How to use nipple cream for cold sores

Have you been wondering what to do with the extra nipple cream from your pregancy?

Nipple cream works!

Other than being the annoying evidence that you’ve got the flu (especially on the nose where it’s most visible) they can also be pretty painful.

The first thing you’ll probably put on it is petroleum jelly but have you ever thought of using nipple cream?

You should.

Nipple cream is used by breastfeeding mothers to heal cracked, dry and sore nipples.

It works by maintaining the internal moisture of the skin allows it to heal on its own and maintain elasticity needed for healthy nipples. And it does the same for cold sores.

Nipple cream has been used for various things, a woman online confessed to having used nipple cream on her child who is suffering from eczema. It is also used for lips, diaper rash and razor cuts.


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