6 reasons why your back hurts

Why your back hurts

Man with back pains(Twitter)

Ouch, does your back hurt? It can really get bad and if the pain is too much, you should seek medical help. Because some back pains are a sign of an underlying health condition that may be serious than you think.

But why do we have backaches? Well, sometimes it’s a health problem, while other times you simply have to pay attention to your lifestyle habits.

Let’s check some of the causes of back pains:

1. Arthritis

This condition may affect the lower part of your back leading to severe pains. In this case, you have to see a doctor for treatment.

2. Your heels

It’s quite sad that your favorite pair of stilettos may hurt your back. Wearing them is not really a bad thing but you should not be a slave to them. Alternate them with sandals and sneakers for a healthy back.

3. Stress

Seemingly, stress does not only affect your mental status; it affects your physical health equally. Studies have shown that people battling depression are four times likely to develop lower back pains.

4. Spinal problems

The spine is protected by disks. If by accident the disks rupture, you can experience back pains.

5. You are overweight

If you are overweight, more pressure is directed to your back making it hurt.

6. Sitting for too long

If your job involves sitting behind the screen for long hours every day, it could be the reason your back hurts. Take breaks and stretch and make sure your posture is also right.


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