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5 bad eating habits you must stop now

You should stop these poor eating habits

Some of the poor eating habits we have are a result of ignorance while some were acquired from our childhood and we can’t just stop them instantly. Some of these bad eating habits that you must fight to stop include;

Skipping breakfast

So, you have put on some extra pounds and think that skipping breakfast will help you shed some weight? On the contrary, studies have it that most people who take breakfast weigh less compared to those who skip it.


Actually, nutritionist have always insisted that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we are too stubborn to digest that.

Eating a nutritionally complete diet (not the tea and mandazi type) gives you energy to perform your daily tasks and also helps you remain full and thus consume less food for lunch and dinner.

Eating shortly before bed

It is very common to feel sleepy after taking your evening meal. After a long day of work, all you want is eat and get to bed for a good rest. But try as much as you can to resist this urge since your metabolism rate slows down when you are asleep. If you have to sleep early, then eat earlier so that you remain awake for some time before going to bed.


Taking heavy dinner

This is yet another challenge facing many households in Kenya. The belief that the evening meal must always be the heaviest is misleading and one that you must stop to remain healthy. It is advisable to take a heavy meal in the morning and reduce the portions as the day goes by so that you consume the smallest portion in the evening.

Distracted eating

We all love multitasking and saving our precious time. But then, when you eat while working or watching the TV, your mind is distracted and you are not able to pay attention on whether you are full or not. As such, you may end up eating more than needed.

Not drinking enough water


Again, whether it is hot or cold, your body must always remain hydrated. Enough water is not only necessary for digestion but also your skin. Every time you are thirsty, resist the urge to replace water with other beverages such as juice and soda.


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