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Things to put in mind before choosing birth control method

Usiseme hukuambiwa

Birth control(Teen Health Source)

What’s the best birth control method for you? You wonder. There are so many methods of birth control but the truth is that not all of them are good for you.

From the many methods, it can also be confusing to choose one. Before making a choice, put into consideration the below factors:

1. Your memory


Let’s face it. Not everyone will remember to take that pill each and every day. If you don’t trust your memory enough, this should not be your method. Instead, opt for other methods such as the IUD or the implant.

2. Fertility

How soon do you want to conceive? You can conceive as soon as you quit using some contraception. All the same, injection contraceptive take time to wear out from your body. You may thus take much longer to conceive.

3. Reversibility


In case the contraceptive reacts with your body, can it be reversed? Also, don’t go for permanent methods such as sterilization if you are not certain of whether you want more kids.

4. Can you stand the side effects?

Every method has its downside. Talk to your doctor and get informed about the side effects of each and every method. Then decide the effects which you think you can bear.

5. Your lifestyle


If you smoke, you will want to keep off hormonal forms of birth control as the combination puts you at the risk of heart disease.

6. Does it protect you from sexually transmitted diseases?

If you have multiple sexual partners, condoms may be the best option for you. All other methods will protect you from pregnancy but never from STDs.


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