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One haircut transformed this man from a 'Maumau' to a snack real quick (Photos)

It's almost like magic

We praise hairdressers for all the stunning weave and wig looks, slicked back styles and even braid styles. But we forget about the hardworking barbers who make sure that our men look groomed, you know, a nice haircut or clean dreadlocks as well as well groomed beards. While we are aren't used to seeing much transformation in men, in the sense, they go to the barber shop and come back looking pretty much the same, sometimes, the transformation is actually mind blowing. I'm talking about instances where a guy goes from scruffy looking, having cut his dreads or unkempt hair to looking like the next big lawyer in town in a clean shaven look and sexy beards.

One such guy is a client of US-based barber, Justin Boykin who went from looking like a veteran MauMau fighter to a snack attack. Whoa, you guys I ain't even kiddng. The guy went to the barber shop with unkempt locs and a beard and left there looking like the ultimate 'Mr. steal your girls'. Indeed, just like makeup, there's real power in a single haircut.


I think it's the duty of every man to look the part and stay well groomed as the first impression is everything.

That said, have a look at this amazing transformation:

"Sometimes "God" Tell Me 2  Others And I Don't Ask Why?" - Captioned the barber.

It appears that the barber was helping this man and under the comment section, people are rooting for him to be made famous by tagging sites such as The Shade Room. Why? Obviously, the man looks like he could even be a model and in the past, people have been made famous from such transformations and really, when God says it's your time, it really is your time so we hope someone will change his life.


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