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5 ways any man can instantly make himself look hotter

You can make yourself look hotter even if you're not so good looking

Handsome Black Man

Let’s face it, not all of us are stamped with the beauty mark. There are some people who do not necessarily fall under the category of smoking hot dudes. But for some reason, they kinda still look bangable, due to their style or because maybe they’re rich lol. You know what they say ‘Pesa ni sabuni’. For handsome men, it’s quite easy. They could literally be in a sack and we will still find them cute. How about the average looking Johns out there? Well, lucky for them, there are things that any guy can do to make themselves look much better. Here they are.

1. First things, level up your style.

A well-dressed man is an attractive man. A good outfit will distract the eyes from the not so good-looking face. So, gents, stop wearing ugly shoes, stop wearing baggy clothes, get yourself some classy, trendy outfits and look the part. While still on this, a good watch will complete the look effortlessly.

2. Speaking of style, get a fitting leather jacket.


A bicker jacket is a surefire way to instantly look better. It’s almost like some sort of magic!

3. Learn the art of wearing a shirt like a true gentleman.

Now, there’s no harm in showing off your man cleavage. Especially if we are talking about weekend casual style. Leave the three buttons open, wear a fitting shirt and if your chest is really hairy trim it a little bit. Fold the arms of the shirt, it’s another instant way to look much better. Lastly, always buy shirts that don’t cover the crotch, if you like wearing your shirts un-tucked. It’s a game of proportions. Long shirts make your back and top part look much longer. Instead, let the shirt be slightly above the crotch for a better look.


4. Groom!

Clean your nails, moisturize your body, buy a lip balm for those dry chapped lips, maintain proper hygiene, trim your beard, hair and have a signature scent. Might sound like a small thing but a good grooming habit goes a long way to make you look much better.

5. Work out.

You may not have a cute face, but, if you have a great body, that will be your selling point. It may take a long time to get a buff body, but it will be all worth it in the end.



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