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7 things women shouldn't have to apologise for

No more saying sorry.

Here are seven things women shouldn't have to apologise for.


Whether she likes wearing make-up everyday or not shouldn't be a reason for her to feel like she owes anyone an apology. It's all about her and what makes her feel comfortable.


2.Standing up for themselves

If a woman feels like she's been treated unfairly or something doesn't sit well with her then she should be able to say it and express herself without feeling like she may offend someone.

3.Her man acting a fool

Some women are notorious for apologising every time their partner does something foolish. Yes sometimes it will be necessary to apologise on their behalf like for example, they won't be able to attend a function and you are representing them. Apologising for them speaking to someone disrespectfully is just making them to have a bad habit.

4.Having standards


There's nothing wrong with a woman having standards. If anything it shows that she knows what she wants and doesn't have the time or energy to waste on things she feels are not worth it.

5.Being independent

She wants to do things on her own and figure certaing things out by herself. Help is always appreciated but she should be allowed to spearhead her own life and in what direction she wants it to go in.

6.Being ambitious

Everyone's dreams are valid including the woman's and she should be able to strive to achieve it the right way, with no apologies.


7.Being sexually active

If she's having sex then she's having sex. It's between her and the person she's having sex with.


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