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5 things every woman should understand about her 20s

Point one. It's okay not to have it all together.

You’re building a career, making important decisions in your life and basically just trying to figure life out.

With figuring life out though comes a lot of confusion and uncertainties that can apply a lot of pressure on a lot of people in their 20s – mainly because we know that the decisions being made are going to have a great impact in the future.

Not to worry though as there are ways to make your 20s much simpler, guilt free and a genuine blast.


Here are five things every woman needs to understand about their 20s.

1.Not everybody has it all together

Like for real. You are not alone. There are other people out there that may be in the same position as you are in. Never measure your success with another person’s success. Your time is coming so keep the faith and keep working towards your goal.

2.You don’t need to rush into a relationship

Try not to get phased with all the #relationship goals couples stunting on social media. That’s their life and their relationship. It’s okay to want that for yourself but don’t rush into a relationship just so that you can be part of the crowd and post up a cute photo of you and your boo.


In fact, when you do get that boo, try to keep your relationship as social media free as much as possible.

3.Be the friend you want to have

As mentioned earlier, the 20s are the best times to build so build lasting friendships by being the type of friend that you want to have.

Relationships dwindle every day and it is up to you to decide which ones you would like to hold on to and which ones to kick to the curb.

4.The 20s shouldn’t be confused for irresponsibility


Yes, the 20s are experimental but that doesn’t give you a free hall pass to be irresponsible. Remember that the decisions you make now affect the future so don’t blame your not showing up to work early on the fact that you are just 20 years old and have some time to make mistakes.

In short, experiment responsibly.

5.Social media should never dictate how you live

Social media is amazing but it shouldn’t dictate every little aspect of your life. Learn to live outside the virtual world. Have an actual conversation with someone without looking through your phone all the time.


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