Rock that face beat and still look cute with your glasses on

You don't have to get rid of your glasses the next time you put on make-up.

No for real though do you? Because if you’re a glasses wearing lady out there then you understand some of the struggles of having make-up on while still trying to be able to see.

A lot of women usually opt to go without their glasses when they have make-up on or wear contact lenses which from what I hear can be pretty uncomfortable when putting them on – plus it’s just a lot of work honestly.

Anyway back to the point of this article, here are some flawless ways to rock that face beat and still rock your glasses.

1.Try oil free foundation to avoid your glasses from slipping off

If you plan on wearing foundation especially on a hot day, then opt to use oil free foundation and set it with powder to avoid your glasses from slipping down your face all the time.

2.Use mascara for volume and not length

Curl your eye lashes before applying mascara to curl them upwards instead of forward which can cause the mascara to smudge on your lenses.


Don’t forget to give your eyebrows some body by filling them in and brushing them upwards.

4.Go for matte eye shadow as compared to shimmery ones

There is nothing wrong with a bit of shimmer but if you plan on having your glasses on then avoid conflicting the color of your eye shadow with the reflectiveness of your glasses.

5.Easy on the eye liner

Try using eye liner on the top lash as compared to the usual bottom.

Everyone loves a good cat eye but it’s always good to consider the frame of your glasses before doing it so that your frames don’t end up cutting the cat eye out.

6.Conceal under eye dark circles

Apply concealer to get rid of the under eye dark circles because glasses can highlight under eye darkness.


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